Only one tappable overlay could be tap

Hi guys, I’m a new writer in episode and I’m trying to use tappable overlay for the dressing game in my story, and I tried to do like what the tutorials did, but somehow, only the first overlay could be tap, while when I try to tap on the others, it kept tapping the first overlay,

this is my script

label Dressing_Game_1
&overlay CHECK2 opacity 0 in 2.0
&overlay ARROWS RIGHT opacity 0 in 2.0
@overlay ARROWS LEFT opacity 0 in 2.0
@ALEXANDRA is idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop
@overlay CLOTHES create
@overlay MAKEUP create
@overlay CHECK create
@overlay 5038066364579840_CLOTHES shifts to -196 -69 in zone 1
@overlay 5038066364579840_CLOTHES scales to 0.748 0.748
@overlay 5038066364579840_CLOTHES moves to layer 3
@overlay 5038066364579840_MAKEUP shifts to -38 -78 in zone 1
@overlay 5038066364579840_MAKEUP scales to 0.784 0.784
@overlay 5038066364579840_MAKEUP moves to layer 4
@overlay 5038066364579840_CHECK shifts to -20 -159 in zone 1
@overlay 5038066364579840_CHECK scales to 0.712 0.712
@overlay 5038066364579840_CHECK moves to layer 5
&overlay CHECK opacity 1 in 3.0
&overlay CLOTHES opacity 1 in 3.0
@overlay MAKEUP opacity 1 in 3.0

&overlay CLOTHES opacity 0 in 2.0
&overlay MAKEUP opacity 0 in 2.0
@overlay CHECK opacity 0 in 2.0
&overlay CHECK opacity 0 in 2.0
&overlay MAKEUP opacity 0 in 2.0
@overlay CLOTHES opacity 0 in 2.0
@overlay ARROWS RIGHT create
@overlay ARROWS LEFT create
@overlay CHECK2 create
@overlay 5038066364579840_ARROWS RIGHT shifts to 142 171 in zone 1
@overlay 5038066364579840_ARROWS RIGHT scales to 0.352 0.352
@overlay 5038066364579840_ARROWS RIGHT moves to layer 6
@overlay 5038066364579840_ARROWS LEFT shifts to -67 169 in zone 1
@overlay 5038066364579840_ARROWS LEFT scales to 0.352 0.352
@overlay 5038066364579840_ARROWS LEFT moves to layer 6
@overlay 5038066364579840_CHECK2 shifts to -20 -159 in zone 1
@overlay 5038066364579840_CHECK2 scales to 0.712 0.712
@overlay 5038066364579840_CHECK2 moves to layer 5
&overlay CHECK2 opacity 1 in 3.0
&overlay ARROWS RIGHT opacity 1 in 3.0
@overlay ARROWS LEFT opacity 1 in 3.0
goto story_continue
label story_continue
@ALEXANDRA is dustoff_neutral_loop
ALEXANDRA (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
@ALEXANDRA exits left

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When you open the spot directing for overlays (to move them around) you may have them overlapping. If the first overlay selection box is overlapping the rest, whenever you try to press on the others, you may end up pressing the first. You need to create transparent boxes that are seperate and smaller, place them over the image you want to be tappable. That way, it is pressing the transparent (smaller) boxes, and not overlapping with the rest of your overlays. If you need help, or you’re confused, let me know so I can show you. :relaxed: :blue_heart:


thank you so much, but yes, I do need help. :sweat_smile:

can you show me how to do it?

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Yes, of course. So you want to get these small transparent boxes. I made you a 320x300 box that is transparent, but if you were to select and move it in the preview, you will be able to see it’s outline. That box CANNOT overlap the rest of your overlays. That is the reason it is not letting you press the other overlays. It is because when you do, you are actually pressing in the area that selects the first overlay. You want to have seperate tappable overlays, so I’m going to give you three transparent overlays.

You won’t see them, but they are there :point_down:t4: :point_down:t4: Just right click into the empty space and “Save image as”

Untitled (24)
Untitled (24)
Untitled (24)

Now, you want to name these TAPPABLE SELECT BOX 1, TAPPABLE SELECT BOX 2, and TAPPABLE SELECT BOX 3. You can name these whatever you like, but I find this the easiest.



For the TAPPABLE SELECT BOX 1 overlay, move the overlay over the makeup overlay. (Make sure it is on the TOP layer so you can select it as a tappable overlay.)

Do the same for the rest, and make sure they do NOT overlap, and they are all above the overlays you are trying to tap.
For the rest, make sure you put them over the overlay that you are trying to tap. Do not stack all the tappable overlay transparent boxes onto the makeup. I mean the first one is for makeup, the second is for clothing, and the third is for the check.

If you have any questions about what I did ^^ let me know :relaxed:

Thank you so much!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
I’ll try this first and I’ll tell you again how it goes,
But thank you!

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Of course :blue_heart:

Hey!! THANK YOU SO MUCHHH :sob: :sob: :sob:
it finally work!
is there any instagram or episode acc I can put on my reader message to give you credit?
Thank you so much tho!

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@epy.miyakowrites or my forum name MiyakoMiyu is fine :relaxed: :blue_heart: I’m glad it worked!

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