Only sound works not music

I’m posting again in hopes someone they will fix the issue but yes the music no longer works only sound. So for example the car crash sound will work but background music doesn’t work. What’s the point of offering new music if you can’t hear it. So can episode address this please

Try putting ‘volume music 100 0’ before the music starts and see if that helps?

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I’ve got the same problem. My sounds work but my music doesn’t work at all. Did you find a solution?

Mine doesn’t work either. I’m so frustrated because it works in the Writer’s Portal preview but not when I open and preview everything from the app.

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I think I found a fix!

-Play a scene from your iphone where there’s music.
-Press the side on/off button on your iphone
-Press the side on/off button on your iphone again and unlock your phone.
-(music should be playing as normal)
-To make sure it continues to play with future scenes/music changes, YOU MUST THEN EXIT YOUR STORY (top left transparent door thingy)
-Preview your story again and everything should be working fine.

Hope this helps!

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i got the same problem

it helps! You’re a genius! Thank you so much!

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