OOF! Music covers of great songs by great people!


So, here’s the thing. I’m on Youtube all the time listening to music. And uh…the woman I love probably more than anybody did a cover of Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman (an amazing song!!!)

And…it is so lovely and beautiful and perfect and T.T XI XI

I love this so much <3 Aurora is so perfect <3

What are some of ya’ll favorite covers of amazing songs by amazing people?


This is usually a song I don’t like very much at all, but I love this version of it so much:


It sounds very haunting, and I love that about this version because when I think of this song, and I hear the lyrics, it sounds like it shouldn’t be thought about as a good thing like I think how it originally was meant to be perceived.


I agree
She’s amazing!


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Lol!


HAVE YOU LISTENED TO HER NEW ALBUM? I saw it two days after it was uploaded and fangirled like my bestie does when BTS does something new! I was so…whew, calming down, calming down. For real, I love Aurora so much. So so so much


Yes :slight_smile:
I understand why you fangirled. She’s amazing. Her voice is so enchanting :heart_eyes:.

Her songs are so calming :sparkles::dizzy:


All of Epica’s Epica VS Attack on Titan is pretty epic:

Just listen to this beautiful mixture of Hiroyuki Sawano tunes and Epica’s epic heavy metal. XD

Also, Simone Simons is a queen!


Covers I love ^^

Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson
I will Survive - Demi Lovato
Right Now (Na Na Na) - Asking Alexandria
The Cover of Get Scared-Sarcasm by ChannelAlexandru is cool ^^

GET SCARED- SARCASM IS MY FAV SONG EVER :heart_eyes::cupcake::heartbeat:

Wow, I really need to start listening to more covers lol :laughing::sparkles:


I love Tainted Love. OoooWhoooahooooohhh! XD

I’ll have to look up the other three as soon as I take a break from writing. See, I can’t pay attention to stuff very well and write at the same time, and I’m currently listening to Trevor Morris. It’s easier to write when there’s no words to want to sing along to. XDXD

I’ll let you know what I think of 'em after I listen!


OH DUH! How could I forget this:



Here’s videos to those covers:

I really liked Right Now. XDXD Asking Alexandria is pretty great.


YES, Asking Alexandria is so freaking awesome :heart_eyes::lollipop::black_heart:

Thnx, you rock! :smile:


I know <3

You rubbed off on me <3



The Shady Cicada <3