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Are they rejecting it because of copyright?


omg!!! You should file a ticket.


Yes. They’re saying it’s from a different source even though I obviously drew them myself.


How do I do that?


You didn’t trace the main drawing, did you? (I doubt you did but if you did, that’s probably why they say so.)


there’s a website. I forgot it tho. @ryan do you have the link to submit a ticket by any chance??


You go here to submit a ticket.




They literally approved one of them but not the others???


Try drawing the characters with different facial features. Your drawings seem too similar to the main character of Lookism and that is probably why they rejected it.


I altered them enough to where it’s not the same? That’s not a cause for copyright.
I drew them by hand.


I don’t think that episode would reject an art scene just because one of the characters looks similar to someone in a show. That show doesn’t own the rights to characters that have those feautures.

However, this may not be the case. I’d recommend submitting a ticket, explaining that the artwork is that of your own, and I’m sure they’ll let you use them :slightly_smiling_face:


I did, I even provided proof that I drew them.
I’m just irritated because now I have to wait even longer to publish it and it took forever to draw those. They accepted one of them but not the other 3?


god, that really sucks. I’m sorry, Zaddy. Hopefully they’ll get back to you soon


I swear, when it comes to their background approval team they’re always on something.


First of all, your art is GORGEOUS. What’s the name of your story, I have to check it out sometime!
Second of all, it’s total bullshit that episode rejected your background. “Oh, this obviously wasn’t drawn by a six year old. It’s gotta be stolen. NEXT!” Like what kind of crack do you have to be on to have that thought process. It’s not even consistent, like I can’t even write up some funny dialogue for that situation I’m completely lost. Haha oh man, I can’t imagine how pissed you must be. Hope episode gets the ticket and accepts the drawings the second time around.


I haven’t published it yet. I CANT BECAUSE MY BACKGROUND/ART isn’t approved. Like I’m so bummed out.
I haven’t even worked anymore on my episode story today because I’m just pissed off.


Oh my god, first 3 episode blues huh? I remember taking breaks from my first three episodes on pretty much every single story I’ve written just because it sucks so hard. I’d be fucking destroyed if I was you, like UGH dude this whole thing got complicated for literally no reason!


try to put them again and again on preview with different names, I did it myself a lot of times with different images and it worked. Sometimes I wonder myself why it needs to preview an image, I mean one time I put on preview (for a horror story that I wanted to write) a bed full of blood and it got approved and one other a simple cafeteria and it got rejected…:unamused: