Opacity help, please!

I’m working on an menu for my newest story and I’ve wrote down every thing I needed, but somehow my overlays won’t disappear when I write @/&overlay x opacity 0 in 1…

Can someone please help me?

They need their own separate command.

For example:
@overlay BLAH BLAH create
@overlay BLAH BLAH opacity 0% in 1

+usually u need a percentage sign

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Thanks, but it’s still not working…

Can u send ur script again?:heartbeat:

maybe try changing the & signs on the last two commands to an @

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That’s because you’re creating the overlay and inmediately making it opacity 0
Tou need to create, opacity 1, then opacity 0 in different commands

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Oh! I thought they were different overlays :woman_facepalming:t3: Thank u for clearing that up.

I see now. Yes, u need a @overlay BLAH BLAH opacity 100% in 0

before u put the opacity to 0 bc an overlay is added to a scene opacity 0 automatically (:


Instead of 100%, you can just enter 1 for full opacity. (0%-100% or 0-1) both work.

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Let me know if you’re able to solve it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lol @v.h_episode is the creator of the thread not me, I was just badly trying to help her :heartbeat: (:

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Oh sorry!! :rofl: Replied to the wrong one :pleading_face:

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Every overlay is already on opacity 100% (or 1), I’m always changing the opacity after creating, it’s just the problem that they won’t dissappear when I set their opacity on 0% (or 0) again

(I just added another create command because I thought that it might work if I do this, but it doesn’t whether with or without)

This menu has two pages, and after clicking on the arrow the two overlays should dissappear, for page one (OL: RTW READ and RTW SKIP) it’s working when I scroll to the next page. But when I let it scroll back to page one, the overlays from page two won’t dissappear.
Same for, when I click on these overlays, actually the overlays should dissappear, but they don’t and this time this happend for all fpur overlays.
(I don’t include the arrow and number overlay, because these overlays don’t change their opacity back to 0 again)

Thanks for all of your help I luckily found a solution for it! :hugs:

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