Opacity looping

It won’t appear and I don’t know why

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I’ve never heard of looping for opacity but try maybe checking if spelled correctly and sometimes the time doesn’t work if you use a decimal so maybe try changing 1.5 to 1

it didn’t work

okay, try
@overlay ______ opacity 1 in 1.5 THEN overlay _______ opacity 1 in 1.5 loop INFINITE times


&overlay NAME opacity 1 in 1.5 THEN overlay NAME opacity 0 in 1 loop INFINITE times

Can read about overlays here:


when you want to loope it you have to reset it aftr the change…when you write it like you did

it one time chjanges the opacity to be visible and than infinitly times you make visible overlay visible …so logicly it will look like it does nothing…to make it blink you have to loop opacity to 1 a nd opacity to 0

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