Opacity won't work, can someone help me?

I’m struggling on something, I want my overlays opacity 1 in 3 but for some reason, the opacity is 1 in 0 seconds, i have tried previewing it on the app and it isn’t working, can someone help me?

here is my script.

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you can try

@overlay WINDOW BRICK create and overlay WINDOW BRICK opacity 0 in 0
&zoom on 663 240 to 240% in 3
&overlay WINDOW BRICK opacity 1 in 3
@pause for 3

it didnt work ):

You might want to submit a support ticket.

have you tried sending the link to another device to see if it works there?

what do u mean?

There must be a lot of problems with the app right now and the app must be infected with so many bugs, and I myself have been having problems with app as well, but like I said before, you can submit a support ticket.

sending the link of your story to someone else so that they can check in the app how it looks

I tend to do

@overlay brick opacity 0%
@overlay brick opacity 100% in 3

Try that and see if it works that way. It does for me

Using the create command automatically makes the overlay opacity 0, but as far as your coding - it looks fine?? Idk why it isn’t working but maybe just try and see if using an @ instead of & will make it work.

Hey well first are you sure its not appearing, I would suggest going to overlays and trying ro see if it appeared because it could be on the screen just not where you are because you didnt place it.

none of the suggestions worked but thanks anyway who helped me out! I’ll just get a ticket

What background are you using? If you’re using INT. BLACK - NIGHT, overlays do not work well with this background.

What zone are you in? Overlays default to zone 1, so if you’re in a different zone, you have to shift them to that zone.

im using a background i uploaded myself but i the opacity shows just not in the seconds i want them to show in i want it to show in 3 seconds but it just shows in 0 seconds

maybe it’s because of the numbers you added before the overlay?

trying using just this code, if you havent already:
&overlay WINDOW BRICK opacity 1 in 3

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The numbers before don’t matter. That’s a preset you get when u copy and paste the code from the portal