Open and closed door background - custom background needed!

Okay I need a few things

  1. I need the background of a closed door of the apartment below from the outside (if that makes sense)
  2. I need an open door backrgound of this background

    and I want it to open into this background

(just cropped to show one overhead light)

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I can do it gladly! I already did one just like that for @Briana_M so if you go to my art thread I can help you!
Right Here

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Okay cool - Would you be able to do the first thing too? the outside apartment

It doesn’t really make sense, can you explain it better? :joy:

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It seems like you got that background from me. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Yeah - sorry I planned to credit you in the actual story because I thought it was yours :sweat_smile:

Am I not allowed to use it?

It’s actually not mines. I cannot remember who I got that background from unfortunately.

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Oh ok - but yes I did get it from your thread (the open and closed door one)

Do you know who is the owner of that background? It’s @shellyg and I don’t think she allows people to share and edit her work.


This background belongs to @shellyg
You should ask permission before editing her backgrounds. Please don’t forget to credit her if you use it.


Yeah, I don’t allow people to edit or reshare my backgrounds.


Okay sorry - so I wouldn’t even be able to use the original one? (with credit obviously)

You’re allowed to use the original one with credits given :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay thanks!