Open and shut door overlay/background needed

Hey guys. I’m currently writing a story and I need a shut and an open door. I don’t really know if I need an overlay or background since it’s my first time writing a story. I wanted it to be in two pov’s, for example. You see char1 pov first and then you change to char2 pov. I don’t know if I explained it well, I’ve seen it in some stories. <3

Maybe you can find it here Cole's overlay drive! FREE USE!

Or request to @Vernon 's art shop.


Thank you, I will check it out :smiley:

I think @vernon’s art shop is closed though

Hey, my overlay drive only has cut-out overlays from Episode given backgrounds.

I can give you a few websites to find overlays and backgrounds.

Check out Flowergriefer’s Background Thread (be sure to read the first post, it entails how to credit and the thread rules. :slight_smile: , and are good resources just pay attention to anything with a company name/logo on it, those are copyrighted and are not permitted for free use. , and are also good places to find backgrounds and png files. There’s also the Official Background Sharing thread and Official Overlay Sharing threads in the Art Resources page. You have to scroll through and there’s a lot of them BUT the number one thing (after you find a background) is to look to see how that poster wants credit (or IF they want credit). If you can’t find an answer or they don’t reply to you, err on the side of " readerMessage BG and/or Overlays made by FORUM NAME " in your script. That way you’ve credited and no one can get upset over the use of their shared backgrounds.

#editing to add:

I would suggest doing 2 backgrounds (or two zones of a background) for this type of scene. with duplicate caharacters.

&CHARACTER1 stands screen center and CHARACTER1 moves to layer 0 and CHARACTER1 faces left and CHARACTER1 starts talk_animation and CHARACTERDUPE2 stands (same zone) and CHARACTERDUPE2 faces left and CHARACTERDUPE2 moves to layer 1 and CHARACTERDUPE2 starts idle_rear_animation

Then repeat with CHARACTER2 to layer 0 in zone whatever, and CHARACTERDUPE1 to layer 1 in zone whatever and make the dupe character do rear animations.

This will look like over the shoulder/ pov scenes. It makes it a lot easier to make a duplicate of your main characters for scenes like these so that instead of re-spotting characters over and over to get the pov – you’ll be able to just change the zone and zoom back and forth between the two sets of characters. ((you can do this on two separate bgs and just copy/paste back and forth in your script to give different views, too. example: school lunch one bg has students eating and the other shows the lunch line and exit. )

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Thanks for thinking of me :smiley: I may be expanding my episode drive but for the moment I only have overlays of Episode Catalog backgrounds. :slight_smile:

Omg, thank you so much! that made the “pov scene” much easier :relaxed:
I just need to figure out where I can find a background since I suck at making my own lol and also the door overlay.

Your drive had a lot of good things, unfortunate it didn’t have the door overlay/background I was searching for. But I will have good use to your drive on other scenes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yeah, my drive has overlays for the Episode Catalog backgrounds that aren’t usable because of furniture etc. You’ll do better looking through the Official overlays/ Official Background Sharing threads here in the Art Resources.

Also, on freepik and pixabay have a lot of options, you just have to be willing to search through them. Flowergriefer has a thread here (search Flowergriefer backgrounds" and it should pull up the thread. She’s very talented and has a couple open/closed door backgrounds and overlays. I know for sure she has a few hallway/ hotel corridor backgrounds that have both open/closed doors.

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You could also make a hallway background (they’re super simple. Find a floor overlay, pick a wall color then find your door overlays on cleanpng or (any of the aforementioned websites I listed on my other posts) and just cut out the interior square so when you switch between the closed/open door, you’ll be able to see the background through the door opening.

If you wanna get real fancy you can add artwork, mirrors or a table to the hall to make it more “hall- like” lol. Making your own is a lot of work, lol.

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I will be sure to check out Flowergriefer background’s ​thread, thank you for the recommendation! If I don’t find any hallway backgrounds then I will attempt doing my own, lol. Thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it

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No problem :slight_smile: If you want to practice background making so that you don’t have to deal with not having exactly what you want, I can suggest Gimp with the GMIC plugin. You can do almost everything the Photoshop can (it don’t do so well on .psd files – but they’ve made a new update that handles them much much better.) and it’s completely free to download and use.

When I started I took pictures of backgrounds from Pexels and pixabay, then used them as a reference layer to make my own background. Trace the wall lines, floor lines and ceiling lines in different colors, open a transparent layer and start adding in your colors, shading, overlays etc.

I made these and they took me forever and I wanted to quit 100 times, but I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve improved a lot since these.


Girl the kitchen ones look so good though, wow :heart_eyes:
Yeah, I’m going to have to practice a lot and I will try out Gimp!


Hey! If you still need door background I have these:

In the second one you can choose whatever you need as background. :blush:


I ss’d the bg I used for my base (for the whole kitchen/living one)-- Yes the watermark is on it because I downloaded it when I was subscribed to freepik ( Just realized that my subscription lapse :joy: ) So I SS’d it to show you what it originally was. You can see that what it started as lol

The Kitchen, I did 100% from scratch, it was my first one without a reference.

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Episode Luxe has some in their drive.

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Thank you, omg. You saved me a lot of time! who do I credit? :two_hearts:

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I will check them out! thank you <3

Lool, you really did a great job on them! I really loved the kitchen one :laughing:

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If you could write Scarlett_Lowe I’d appreciate it, but I won’t insist. :blush:

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No, it’s fine. I want to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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