(OPEN Boo!) Itz_Madison’s Art Request Thread! ~Overlays~Splashes~Backgrounds


Hello! I’d like to request an overlay, but I didn’t see a form, so I’m just going to try and be as specific as possible.
So, I want the words Wonder Rock on this drum set, and I want the font to be emo/metal looking (if that’s possible) and white. On a scale from 1-10, how quick I need it is a 6.


Hello I’m Itten. I was just wondering if this thread is still open and if I could request a blanket overlay for int. island bedroom - day I want my character to be covered by the blanket/duvet while lying in the bed. I do want this as soon as possible because my creative jucies are flowing and I would like them to stay that way. However I understand creating art is hard work so I understand if it takes longer than I hope. Thanks for reading Lots of love from Ittenfez


U still need it? If so hereimage


Hi! Can you make a Binder School Close Navy Blue overlay? It’s a prop from the Episode script!


Thanks, but I actually forgot about the story as I’ve taken a break from episode


Hi in need of a mirror overlay


Background Form (Regular)

On a scale 1-10 how quick do you need it?:
What are you wanting:
If you want a bedroom would you like a blanket overlay + Birdseye view?:

I need it in a week tops (If it’s possible … If not take your time)

I want this but I want it to fit the 640x1136 rule withouth resising (cuz then it just looks weird)

I don’t want a bedroom



Are you still taking requests?


We need an overlay: As you can see in the following picture there is a sofa. We need the arm of the sofa as an overlay. Also, please, make the wall as a second overlay. We will, of course, credit you at the end of the story.


Hi I’m @Itz_Madison best friend online. She is suspended on the forums and won’t be on again sadly :confused: due to false accusing by some moderators. just needed to let you know so that you don’t waste your time waiting. This thread is closed :grin:


Alright! Thank so much! I’ll be sure to request it from someone else. Thanks!


Hey! can you make a overlay of someone hold a sniper? if you can then can you make her wear a white tank and camo pants, like actually war camp pants, and btw she can look however you want it doesn’t matter. And when do u think u will finish?


is it still closed?


Your answer <3 I think


oh, well do you know anyone who can do it??


They’re plenty of threads open :grin: you just need to search in the art resources category




I need an overlay!


Can I get a cover


The thread is closed