[OPEN] Cam's Story Idea Shop


Do you need a story idea? Plot Twist? Your in the right place! :smile:

What Is Needed in the story:
Do you want it based on a song

Story so far
Major or small

Waiting List


If you want a cover or any art for the plot provided please don’t hesitate to ask Happy Helpers - Reviews, Covers, Splashes, Script Help and more!


@The_Saminator need anything


I don’t but I do like the idea.
I have seen others that want to write but don’t know where to start for ideas.
I hope this goes well.


Hey Cam, I’m writing a story and it’s published and I would LOVE for you to help with some possible ideas.


Sure send me details


@Turtle_Cat do you want ideas on a new story or ideas on the story you are writing now


Yes please. I’ll tell you in a few hours.


@Turtle_Cat do you still need help


Hello still available to help?


Hey I’m currently in the process of starting my story but I was wondering if you could help me with an idea for something, I’m kind of stuck :sweat_smile:


Message me x




Hi, I’m kind of stuck on a story idea. So, I’d love some help if you’re still open :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello, any certain genre


It’s more towards Mystery.


Any requirements


Yeah. Would it be alright if I pm’d them to you?




I still want to help you all


OOOOOOOH, I super wish it was inspired by my like 3 forums I made yesterday “Give me story ideas because Im a flop” lmao but I have a story idea now, anyways this is really helpful! :heart: