(OPEN) Get everything done here (Overlays, backgrounds, art scenes, splashes, covers, overlays or anything else you want


Hello if you’re looking for help for art just reply for a request and send details

[Some Examples]

For an background or overlay say what you’re looking for and I’ll make it or get it off line.

For covers say the title, the characters, the design and the emotion I would prefer if you shown the emotion with the characters.

I also can resize your images for you so it I should 1,2 or 3 panels.

For art scenes describe fully and what is happening in the scenes along with its characters on it.

I will have the request done as soon as possible with awesome quality.

Please remember that if you are rude or go against the forum rules I won’t do your request.


Not requesting, but your art is stunning. :heart:


Thank you


I would love a art scene with a girl, and a boy in detention, and they have to look deep in each others eyes…

The girl should have long hair in fawn
The boy should have brown hair too


SO do you want them facing each other?


Do you want highlighter and eyeshadow and stuff?


@CecilieCreate I need more details please


Yes i would love eyeshadow and all that stuff and they have to face each other


Ok and the school normal school background


It could be cool if they could be in detention…


Like this


@CecilieCreate please reply ASAP


Hi! Could I have an art scene where there are two characters facing away from each other, and they both have flirty/winking emotions. the picture can be cut above their waists.
Can the background be some kind of floral romance thing?
And please can the female character have straight hair in chestnut, light skin, upturned feline blue eyes, soft heart face shape, and full round lips., wearing a red dress.
Could the male have pompadour hair (cayenne), defined traingle face, olive skin, button nose, uneven mouth in blush, and classic almond eyes (toffee colour), can he have tattoos on both arms and have a bare chest,
They dont have to look exactly like the episode characters, just those are the details I would like them to be similar to.
Your work is amazing. I’ll be sure to gove you credit in my story.
Thanks you so much x




Thank you so much lol I just did my homework and got 4 art scenes to do :joy::joy:


Please don’t rush yourself, theres no time frame :grin:


Ok Hank you for for understanding


@CecilieCreate here is your request

Please tag @ magic.episode


Can I request an art scene?


@ella_author I’m starting yours