(OPEN) I want to help edit your first chapter 😁 (Please read first post!)

Hello! I’m PurpleAvocado. This is my first post on this forum :smiley:

I wish I had time to leave detailed reviews for everybody, but… :sweat_smile: So I thought of something new :grin: Instead of a reviewing thread, this is an editing thread!

The way this works is that you post your story and Instagram details, and I’ll list on this thread five spelling/grammar errors I noticed in your story’s first chapter, so that you can fix them and improve your story that way :slightly_smiling_face:

But, if there are four or fewer spelling/grammar errors in your story’s first chapter, then I’ll also leave a review on this thread telling you what I liked and disliked about that first chapter :grin:

This way, you get a tiny bit of editing help, and I discover a new story to read, so we both win!

Who’s first? :smiley:

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  1. @Days, “Crossed Paths”
  2. @K.y.a.l.la, “Not Alone”
  3. @amandafay, “The Adventures of Bathwoman”

Waiting list:

  1. @HaileyBombshell, “Not Alone”

Hi, thank you for being kind enough to do this.

Story name: Crossed Paths
Author: Dreamer
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5294643993772032

BTW I am British so I am part of the using u in colour, humour league!

I assume Limelight stories AND Ink stories are both welcome?

Thank you if you proof read;)

I don’t have an instagram, But I do have a facebook page for my stories https://www.facebook.com/groups/411115056075964/
But if you don’t care can you put the review here, that’s if you plan to review my story…
Follow bathwoman on her adventure to save her city from Dr. Dirt, will bathwoman and her new friends save the city or become dirty.

Title: Behind Closed Doors
Style: Ink
Description: Scarlett seems like the perfect girl with the perfect life, but looks can be deceiving. What goes on behind closed doors?
Episodes: 3 (to be continued)
Insta: epi.haileyy

To @Days, @K.y.a.l.la, @amandafay, and @HaileyBombshell: I’ve put you on the waiting list!

To @Mystery.Author: Classic, Ink, and Limelight stories are all fine!

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  1. @Days, “Crossed Paths”

Incorrect: “Worst Impressions.”
Correct: “Worst Impressions”

Incorrect: “hasn’t seen you in month”
Correct: “hasn’t seen you in a month” or “hasn’t seen you in months”

Incorrect: “I could at home”
Correct: “I could be at home”

Incorrect: “is not interested,”
Correct: “is not interested.” or “is not interested!” or “is not interested…” or “is not interested-“

Incorrect: “The conversation flowed, exchanged numbers”
Correct: “The conversation flowed, we exchanged numbers”

Here you go, @Days :blush:

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  1. @K.y.a.l.la, “Not Alone”

Incorrect: “i’m Remi”
Correct: “I’m Remi”

Incorrect: “i’m 16”
Correct: “I’m 16”

Incorrect: “we’ve been freinds forever”
Correct: “we’ve been friends forever”

Incorrect: “I couldn’t possibly no”
Correct: “I couldn’t possibly know”

Incorrect: “i’m here for it!”
Correct: “I’m here for it!”

Here you go, @K.y.a.l.la :blush:

  1. @amandafay, “The Adventures of Bathwoman”

Incorrect: “her life work”
Correct: “her life’s work”

Incorrect: “or shall I leave”
Correct: “Or shall I leave”

Incorrect: “my cup cakes”
Correct: “my cupcakes”

Incorrect: “your my best friend”
Correct: “you’re my best friend”

Incorrect: “So their is that.”
Correct: “So there is that.”

Here you go, @amandafay :blush:

Thanks, but did you like the story?? Any tips on story line or placement or anything?

Thank you, you are a Godsend!

You’re welcome. I tried to explain in my first post how I would help, but if there is a way I can make my first post clearer and easier to understand, please let me know :smiley:

  1. @HaileyBombshell, “Not Alone”

Incorrect: “type of popular”
Correct: “type of popular.”

Incorrect: “But, i eventually”
Correct: “But, I eventually”

Incorrect: “don’t exist”
Correct: “don’t exist.”

Incorrect: “So, i did”
Correct: “So, I did”

Incorrect: “The little Miss Perfect’s.”
Correct: “The Little Miss Perfects.”

Here you go, @HaileyBombshell :blush:

You’re very welcome, @Days :blush:

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Authors name: Isaiah
instagram @isaiahwrites_episode
In which style is your story? (INK OR LIMELIGHT?)Limelight
Episodes: 3
Genre: (Romance, Drama)
Short description:
Lies,Love, Lust, Gangs and Death! People may think the dancing industry is simple… But what happens when it can get you killed?You Choose!

Rock Your Socks Off Small Cover 2.jpg840x1160 353 KB

Tysm! I completely forgot to capitalize the I’s, I’ll have to go in and fix that. :joy:

Please please check out my story!
It would mean the world to me cry emoji
Title: Opposite in Harmony
Author: Pheebsnomenal
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure
Episodes: 4 right now, still going!
Description: Aimie is the princess of all angels and will she sacrifice everything, including her family to stand up for what is right? Or will she stand by her family’s side and never find true love? Her fate will be decided by YOU! <3

Here’s the link

Alright, I’ll edit the first post and get to reading your first chapters! :blush: