(OPEN) June 2022- Read4Read,Gem4Gem, Follow4Follow, and Promoting

@llamadrama @denaxepisode @jadevenuz Sorry, I had issues getting into the forums. I would love to do a G4G or R4R with y’all.

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perfect! i will semd you the screenshots once im done reading! :heart:

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I would love to do a R4R, I don’t have any gems right now.

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hI!! I’m interested in doing r4r’s. Send me a message and we can figure out details!


I’d be interested in a r4r and g4g. Here’s my story:

Title: Jubmienaimo (Saivoaimo 2)
Author: P D Anderson
Style: Limelight
Customization of the MC and her LI
Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Description: Robbed of her memories Vilja tries to recreate every step to find the missing pieces. As circumstances become almost unbearable she finds herself forced to return to Saivoaimo…

Instagram: @starliteoversuomi


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Jubmienaimo (Saivoaimo 2)

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


Yes, I would love to. How many chapters and gems?

Want a G4G? R4R? Promotion? Let’s read, Wishing Well Chapters 10 and 11 published.

Bump -open

Can I have a read for read?

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Yes, that sounds perfect. How many chapters do you have?


Perfect. We can do a 3x3 . Can you send me your link.

Episode Writer Portal :slight_smile:

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@whitney99 Episode 1 here for you.

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What’s your story

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Thank you for the thread

Read Here

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Love it, would you want to do a R4R or G4G?

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Hey lovely done r4r with you before with this story

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