[OPEN!] 🌻 KylieJay’s Commissions Art Shop!🌻

Hello all, and welcome to my official thread for commissions! :metal2:

Please note that these are commissions, meaning paid art. This is not for free. If you’d like free art, please see my Art Shop for possible openings.

To get started, here’s my price list. I’ll be updating it with a full body image and arrows when I have one available. This was also just quickly thrown together so it’s pretty messy right now lol

Prices do not include tax or PayPal fees.

Here is my Google document with my terms of conditions. This must be reviewed and agreed to, first. Commencing with the payment will be taken as you agree and accept, and will follow my rules. Or else. :bomb:

Finer details of the commission and WIP’s will be discussed privately either here on Instagram. Only completed, watermarked art will be shared on this thread.


Please keep in mind before commissioning that my style isn’t set yet and I’m still experimenting with different things.

You can also view my IG for more arts.

I will only be accepting 5 commissions at a time, so I can complete everything as best as I can in a (hopefully) timely manner.

Wait List
  1. Dasia - IG
  2. Dasia - IG
  3. Available
  4. Available
  5. Available

If you have any advice for how I can improve this thread or my document, or if you have questions, please send me a pm!

Extra Stuff

•Check out more of my work on IG @princesskjx3
•I have a google drive where I share some backgrounds, overlays and (soon) script templates!
•I’m also going to shamelessly self promote my YouTube account, where I upload 1 Episode related video a month! Click here to check it out!:two_hearts:
•Feel free to support me on Ko-Fi!
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:point_right:t2: And my Full Art Examples Thread


I’m broke AF but your art is beautiful! Good luck!!

Bump :hearts:


Ahw haha thank you so much! :revolving_hearts:


Kylie your art is beyond amazing!!!

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Thank you so much, Makayla! Super excited to have gotten to this point :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Examples have finally been added! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Opening in exactly one week!! :partying_face::star_struck:

Let me know if you wanted tagged when I open, or you can follow me on IG because I’ll make a post about it! :blob_hearts:

Finally OPEN!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

I prefer dm’s on Instagram but I’m fine with conversations here too! If you’re interested in more info or getting a price estimate please send me a message and make sure you change the title to include “commissions” as well as your username in some way or another. Thank you! :heartbeat:


Bump !!

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Hiya, will you still be taking commissions in September??:pleading_face::pray:t4:

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Yes :blush:

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Okay that’s great. I’ll PM you in September :blush:. If any updates occur, I’ll let you know!:heartbeat:

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Okay sounds good! :heartbeat:

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