[OPEN] KylieJay’s Outfit Shop!👀🌸

Welcome to my Outfit Shop! It’s pretty self explanatory :joy:

:cherry_blossom: Please use my work at least once and credit appropriately or I will deny your future requests.
:hibiscus: Posting any of my work on Instagram - tag me in post/highlight.
:blossom: No thread hopping ! If I see you’re asking the same thing from other shops, I’ll cancel your request immediately.
:rose: Must include KJ’sOutfits for your request to be accepted.



Please use 1 form per character.

Details (optional, may help picture the outfit better):
How Do They Identify (male, female, trans, etc):
Preferred/Non Preferred Colors:
Occasion (casual, formal, sleep, etc):
Extras (tattoos, piercings, etc):
Extra Info?:
How Many Outfits?:

✨Wait List✨


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This bralette and top says “pure creativity” :hushed:


Lol this is literally my favorite out solely for that reason :joy: I’ve been trying to experiment layering clothes more and it’s definitely a game changer!!

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Same! I just found out about that :blush:

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The possibilities are endless :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


is this shop actually a flop??? :joy:


  • Name:
    Ryleigh Walker

  • How Do They Identify (male, female, trans, etc):

  • Personality/Vibe:
    Level-headed, confident, tenacious

  • Preferred/Non Preferred Colors:
    Prefered: Purple, black Non-Preferred: Pink

  • Occasion (casual, formal, sleep, etc):
    School outfit, not a uniform

  • Extras (tattoos, piercings, etc):
    Butterfly Forearm Tattoo Solid, Birds in Flight Tattoo

Thank you!

Awesome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: how many outfits would you like me to make?
I guess I should add that to the form lol


I’m loving this sooo much!!

Hang on I gotta request something, just give me a second to get the details all set!


Here’s my requests!!


Name: Elena
How Do They Identify (male, female, trans, etc): Female
Personality/Vibe: Very girly and preppy! Very fashionable!
Preferred/Non Preferred Colors: Any colors, but she tends to wear more bright clothing!
Occasion (casual, formal, sleep, etc): Casual
Extras (tattoos, piercings, etc): Sound Waves Tattoo, Freckles (08-10)
Extra Info?: None


Name: Jason
How Do They Identify (male, female, trans, etc): Male
Personality/Vibe: Very laid back, focuses on school a lot, pretty insecure but tries not to show it.
Preferred/Non Preferred Colors: He’ll wear any colors!
Occasion (casual, formal, sleep, etc): Casual
Extras (tattoos, piercings, etc): Leg Hair Light Brown, Eyebrow Piercing Horizontal Barbell Silver
Extra Info?: Can wear earrings.


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2 or 3 please!


How many outfits would you like for each character? :blush:


Hmm maybe five each, if you can’t do that many that’s ok!


Let me know if these are alright, or if you’d like me to change any of them :blush:

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Those are perfect! Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome :blush::two_hearts:

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Here’s your outfits!

designing for males sucks, we need more options :sob:



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These are fantastic! Thank you so so much!

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