Open Letter To Episode Team [Read It]

A short introduction:
I decided to write a letter to Episode and its team, even though I know it might get shut down - but I don’t care. I have a lot what to say about them banning a person who only contributed to this community and helped people (you know who is the banned person). Episode banned her not only from the forums, but also from the app - for life, which means that she can’t to write stories. Nor can she read stories. So, they removed her stories and account, which left her with no access to Episode.
What is the reason for that? She got a message from @Arlene, saying that she has been silenced 6 times in 8 months, and got 100 flags (some of her flagged posts were flagged for no reason. I’ll talk about it later). If you want to know more about it from ShanniiWrites’ side, click here.
Although I don’t really know how to feel about it, but I really think that it is unfair.

So, here goes nothing…

The Letter:

Episode team,

I don’t know what do you hold against ShanniiWrites, but you have gone too far with that case. I usually don’t say anything about people’s suspension, but this one is unfair and unjust. Since when do you permenantly suspense people for getting 6 silences and 100 flags from the whole platform? I don’t remember that when I first read the guidelines, there was a one saying that whoever gets suspended from the forums for getting 6 silences and 100 flagged posts (which some of them were flagged for no reason) will be banned from the app as well. :thinking:
Recently, she didn’t do anything that she deserved to be permenantly banned from both the forums and app. Banning her from the forums was more than enough. But, banning her from the app, meaning preventing her from writing and reading, including removing her stories is completely excessive! What did she write that violated the guidelines? Her stories didn’t violate any guidelines of Episode! There are many stories that did violate the guidelines. Some people didn’t write stories with crossovers? Aren’t there some stories using profanity excessively?, etc… So, yeah, there are stories that should have been taken down long time ago, but it wasn’t done. If so, then why did you take down ShanniiWrites’ stories, when there isn’t one story of hers that broke your guidelines.
I find it really absurd and childish.

In addition, not only you banned her from the forums and app, but you also flag whoever passes ShanniiWrites’ words? (click here to see what flagged post I refer to)

What’s going on this forum? It has become into an unpleasant place, and it’s not the same as it was before - people are being flagged, a few of them have been suspended lately… I have seen some people that said they want to leave this place, for certain (and justified) reasons - mainly because of the abuse on the flagging system, the forums becoming toxic, and more.

As much as ShanniiWrites was opinionated and passionate, she was nice to people, active and willing to help. She promoted representation, diversity, and explained how to do it properly and respectfully. I have never ever seen her supporting hate speeches promoting hatred against people because of their race/religion/national origin/sexuality/disability, etc. Nor have I seen her saying on her forum something that was promoting hatred against what I mentioned above.

If you don’t want to bring her back to the forums, then don’t. But, be fair and at least let her read and write stories. Again, she didn’t write any stories that violated the guidelines.

It is insane to ban someone from the entire platform. And for what? Nothing. The “6 silences in 8 months and getting 100 flags” excuse isn’t a justified reason to ban a person from the platform and remove every story written by her, in addition.
And give her a detailed explanation why was she banned from the whole platform. You owe her explanations big time.

So, Episode team, I think you should make up your mind when it comes to these situations, because I don’t wish anyone to end up in such a situation.

From me,

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I agree with this. After seeing multiple reasonings by others, I find it unfair that everything she worked hard for, blood, sweat & tears would get deleted just by having 6 silences and 100 flags?

Suspension from the forums is enough, by why stretch it out to banning from the episode platform from ever reading and writing? What about those who literally broke more rules infringing copyright, plastering them on their stories. How are they not yet suspended?

She helped a lot of people as I see as well, learnt from stalking multiple posts :joy: I also find it unreasonable to ban someone from the episode platform permanently for receiving 6 silences and 100 flagged posts. SiX sIlEnCeS aNd 100 FlAgGeD pOsTs

I may not know her that much, but I still find it unjust to ban someone for such a silly little reason. I think episode should give a more thorough explanation about this matter on why she was banned.


That’s exactly one of my points. Some people broke the guidelines, but weren’t banned from the app.
In addition, there are many, and I mean many stories that did violated the guidelines - how come they aren’t removed?
Believe me, there are stories that should be removed and quickly, before her stories are removed. But, her stories didn’t break any guideline. So, Episode definitely shouldn’t have removed her stories.


I saw a story that was literally copy & paste from the movie “To all the boys I loved before”
And it was still up and running? I was confused like- what the h…


All I’m going to say is…:point_down::point_down:



And what about the people who brazenly violated the guidelines?