{OPEN} Maria's Splash/Cover Request Thread!

Hey, all! I’ve got a few days of spare time so I decided to open a splash and cover request thread!

Things To Keep in Mind:

  1. I will close requests on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29th 9:00 AM (PST).
  2. Please do not bug me asking if I’ve completed your request or not. I’ll get to them all as long as they’ve been requested prior to the deadline mentioned above.
  3. This is probably a given, but please do not steal my work. Give me credit if you decide to use something.
  4. Examples are shown below. When I make splashes and covers I “edit lightly” meaning that I’ll only make a few touch ups to the characters.


Details (If any):
Pose (Optional):
Clothing Suggestions (Merely suggestions. I use an EA so there’s a very slim chance I’ll use your exact outfit):
Theme (Optional):
Background (Optional. Suggestions are recommended.):
Text (If any):

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“Tap Slowly. This story contains advanced zooms.”

Character details


Eyes: Upturned Feline - Taupe
Brows: Defined Natural
Face shape: Oval
Hair: Beach Wave Hair - Chestnut Brown Hair
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic - Ruby Red


Your choice if that is okay :heart:


If you wish for more details, let me know please and thank you!


Will probably get this done by the end of today :slight_smile:

Hey! I just realized you forgot to give me the character’s skin color :joy:

Here’s your completed splash request! I hope you like it and please let me know if you want me to change anything :slight_smile:

Omg I am so silly sorry haha my character skin colour is caramel but thank you for the splash!!

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It’s alright. I figured it out eventually :joy:.

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:heart::heart::heart: you queen! Thank you