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Can you also do one where

Its a Black background and where it stands this story uses strong language and Mature theams

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Guys, please use the form,


Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Summary: Your mom has cancer, your friends are fake, and the newboy at you school is a demigod. Will you survive the hell that is your life?
Cover description: (the mood of the cover, color scheme, character placements, etc): anything that gives off a fantasy Olympus type of vibe! (Olympus is where all demigods live.)
Characters: (attach your character’s image here, with the pose you want them to be in on the cover): characters can look however you’d like as long as they’re in INK. The only thing I’d ask is for the girl (the MC) to look goddes-like.


Story Title: The Forest
Genre: Horror
Summary: 7 kids. 3 demons. The forest is the arena where every move you make matters for their survival. How many can you save?
Cover Description: the mood should be very scary and for color it should be really dark. I want a creepy dark forest to be the bg and the characters to be towards the bottom of the cover maybe only showing waist or stomach up. The girl should be idle_terrified and the demon should be laugh_chuckle


Are you still taking requests?