(OPEN) May 2022- Read4Read,Gem4Gem, Follow4Follow, and Promoting

Sounds good to me

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Perfect, I’ll send screenshots shortly.

Thank you so much

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@daisyrodriguez I have next set here.


@Miss_Kat977 First set here.

Screenshots and Gem shots


You can read my first story that I just published.

Author : hipsy_writes
Title : Falling For Him
Genre : Romance
Description : Max doesn’t believe in the Myth of deadly creatures until she crosses path with Kito. What mystery awaits her when she gets involved with him? NO CC/ 1LI / Art Scenes
Style : Limelight
No of Episode : 4 episodes have been published and more episodes are coming
Link to the story : Episode Writer Portal
Insta Acc : @hipsywrites

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Amazing, would you be interested in a Read4Read or Gem4Gem?

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@Mystic.Ceb R4R but I can only read 3 episodes of yours since I have published just 3 of mine
Is that ok with you?
But I will continue when to read it later

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Yes, of course. A 3x3 is perfect.
After we complete the R4R as you release, let me know and we can continue. If you’d like of course.

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I love that. Send me story link and your insta name

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I have added the story to my favorites and followed you on insta

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Bump - gems? R4R? Promotion? Let’s do it all.


Hello! My first ever Episode story is out now, it has three chapters currently. Let me know if you want to do a R4R.

Author: Llamadrama
Title: Mystery of Cherry Street
Genre: Mystery
Description: Supermodels: Katie and her two best friends move into a house together, but strange things start happening. Will she uncover the mysteries of Cherry Street? And maybe find love? LL

  • No CC
  • No gem choices besides support the author at the end
  • Mystery/horror/drama/romance all in one!


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Mystery of Cherry Street

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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I would love to do an r4r with you.

Hey let me know if you still want to do a R4R :smile:

Hey is anyone interested in doing R4R with me?

Hi! Are you down for R4R?

If you are, send me the link to your story please! I will send you screenshots once I’m done reading!

And here’s the link to my story: Read Story
I hope you enjoy it :heart: