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So I did put this up on the Open Mic thread, but thought I would ask separately because I really would like more opinions on this idea:

Gemma and Callum are 26 years old and were childhood sweethearts, but they broke up and lost touch at 19. Will they fall in love again?

I also thought that I wouldn’t have them actually meeting again until the very end of the first chapter and that it would be the people around them who would push them into meeting.

What do you think? All opinions are appreciated :slight_smile: xx

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I really like the idea but it’s nothing we haven’t read before on the episode app. Maybe try adding something that makes it more unique :relaxed:


No I know, I’m definitely gonna be introducing conflict for them, I don’t just want it to be a plain sailing story.

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That’s good :blush:

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Hello! I like your idea. I agree with @Tsukino_94 , maybe it’s not an original one, but as we know every story is a variation of stories that already exist, so your mission is to make it matter for you in your own unique way so it matters for others and I’m sure that you’ll be able to do that!
My suggestions based on information that you gave: I think that maybe it would be even more intriguing if they meet again in episode 3 or even 4. Until then you can show your readers how they live, work, their relationships, the problems that both of them have and so on, so that readers have an idea of what kind of people they are and even become attached to the characters. Of course it’s a fictional story, but logically 7 years have passed and they grew up and changed.


Thanks, I really like that idea. Maybe instead of my original plan, I could have them acknowledge separately that they miss each other, does that make sense? I might even have this happen in the spotlight form so they could both be seen on screen saying it, what do you think?

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It’s all up to you! Write how you feel it should be, I’m glad my suggestion inspired you somehow :purple_heart:

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