:blob_hearts: Open R4Rs! :blob_hearts: Who wants to read "My Gamer Boys"?

Alright, I’ve decided to try doing R4Rs. However, I am a bit slow at them, so please keep that in mind. :hugs:

Please only comment your story if you’re willing to read all 6 chapters of my story. Or at least maybe try out the first chapter and see if it interests you? I have a lot of advanced directing.

Your story doesn’t have to have 6 chapters, as long as you’re willing to read all of mine, then I will read up to 6 chapters of your story.

First come first served - I will write your username and story on this post, and will keep track of who’s story I read. And like, I said, I’m slow at R4Rs! I might only be able to read one or two stories a day!

In terms of screenshots - maybe take one from each chapter, and then when you complete chapter 6 just take a screenshot then as well? So, I’d say 6-7 screenshots is good for me, just take them in the middle of each chapter somewhere, so I know you’re reading it and not just skipping it (I do have a skip button lol). I’ll do the same for your story.

So, here’s my story:

Title: My Gamer Boys

Genre: Romance

Description: You love videogames… but you have no friends. The solution? Make friends with two HOT gamer boys. Friendship is all you want, right?
CC, Art Scenes, Minigames, Choices Matter, Points System.

Chapters out: 6 so far, I update every 1-2 weeks. I try to update fast.

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6550056843018240


R4r list:

  1. Roy - Shado - DONE
  2. aa.writes.episode - Queen B Diaries - DONE

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