[OPEN] Request your covers here!

Hi everyone!
If you are looking for someone to make your cover for your stories I might just be that person.

First and foremost, let’s lay down the rules.

  1. Please DON’T request a cover you aren’t going to use. These covers take some time to make and if you aren’t going to use them, then it would have just been a waste of time.

  2. If you don’t like the cover art, JUST TELL ME! Don’t lie and say you like and end up not using it. I will redo up to two times if you are not happy with the cover. But don’t be rude or I will drop your request.

  3. DON’T request for me to make you a cover if you have asked several others already as well. Like I said I don’t want to waste my time. If you have asked others and they were unable to make yours please let me know.

  4. I have a right to reject any requests. If the demands are too high or you are being rude or have violated any rules as stated above.

  5. Be patient. Depending on your request a certain amount of time will be needed to get it done. I am a human being after all.

  6. All I ask in return is to give me credit on instagram @ryia.episode. You don’t have to follow me, but it would be greatly appreciated!

Please fill out the forum here: https://goo.gl/forms/YdOuM0lcrCcRuvNX2

Story name:
Author (Optional):
Is your story published?/If not when will it?:
Short description about your story:
Large cover and/or Small cover:
How many characters do you want on the cover:
Screen shots of the characters and their descriptions:
Any certain backgrounds (Optional):
Any other info:

Examples of my work:
(Made for my own stories that you can check out here: https://linktr.ee/ryia.episode )


Omg i love Them :heart_eyes:

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My story is called Beached
Beached is a drama/comedy
It is not published yet but will be in the next month
My story is about a group of strangers are dumped onto an island stranded and need to find a way to get out
I would like a small and large cover if possible
I would like one main character Lucia and i dont mind if you alter the outfit your look good already!
And i would like anything beachy as a background or on an island
If you do make it thank you a lot and i will mention you!!
The ss will be somewhere sorry if you cant find it

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I dont mind her pose just make it fit in if possible and i dont mind the outfit either

nice I wish my phone would allow me to do a cover I know exactly how I want it, and it’s frustrating I cant create it

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Title: The real reality

Author:Alyssa Beyreuther


Not published, Will be in a month or so…

description:Ally is barley cutting tax payments… What happenes when she is offered a job as a stripper??
What drama/tragedy/romance will come… Find out in The Real Reality

how many people:Only one character on the cover please.

Can We have like a club background?

^^my characters

Story Name: Plan B: Play along
Author Name: Rithu
Genre: Action/Comedy/Drama

The story is not published. I’m planning to get in published within the next few weeks.


Used to her partner in crime, Cooper, Lili never expected for a mission to go wrong with him. But without him? She gets kidnapped by the enemy and is forced to join their side. Her team director’s orders? Play along.

I’d appreciate if you did both a large and small cover, but if you get busy, only a large cover is fine.

I want two characters on the cover.

Character Descriptions:


Additional info.:

if you’d like (don’t have to do)
Lili- holding a knife
Cooper- holding a gun

Thanks so much!!!
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Is this okay with you?

Not here to request one, but these covers are really great :two_hearts:

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not here to request either, but…

psst… I love your stories! :two_hearts: haven’t read “Killer Heir” yet, but I’m loving “The Bet”!
the cover is actually the reason I wanted to read “The Bet”, heh.

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are you okay with this?

aw thank you :purple_heart:


are you okay with this?

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Story name: The Ember Moon Pack
Author (Optional): Giselle Crescent
Genre: Horror
Is your story published?/If not when will it?: Yup!
Short description about your story: You’re the Queen of the Supernaturals. What’ll happen when you find out that your mate is your parent’s killer? Will you seek revenge? CC ChoicesMatter
Large cover and/or Small cover: both!
How many characters do you want on the cover: 2 hot/sexy males and a cute female
Screen shots of the characters and their descriptions: They can look any way you would like, the story is LL.
Any certain backgrounds (Optional): Nothing in particular, something that gives off a romance/horror look
Any other info: nope thank you so much for doing this! :blush::heartbeat:

Story name: Just Dont Lose Yourself(Wolf Story)
Author (Optional): Buttercup_love
Genre: Romance
Is your story published?/If not when will it?: Published
Short description about your story:
Alicia has been held captive almost all her life.But when she finally has the chance to escape she takes it.But something goes wrong and she doesn’t know where life will lead
Large cover and/or Small cover: Small
How many characters do you want on the cover: 2
Screen shots of the characters and their descriptions:

Any other info: Could you make her look sad, with her eyes closed and a tear down her cheek. Could you also make him look sad

Thank you and if it’s too much I get it

Thank you so much! but i was just wondering if you could change her outfit if possible if not that ok

and pose ^ if you can xx

Are you okay with this?

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