:blob_hearts: OPEN!:blob_hearts: Shania and Annelise's Small Shop (PFP, EDITS, CHARACTER CARDS,MOODBOARDS)

Hey guys!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We are making either profile pictures, drawn or edited edits, moodboards, custom poses, character cards and more!!!
Credit me by: @_Shi_Shi
Credit Annelise by: @Annelise_Episode

password when requesting : :sob:


I am requesting a - (Edit / Pfp / Character card etc,)
Character details -
Background -
Pose -
Outfit (optional) -
Name (if requesting a character card or moodboard) -
Story Name - (If requesting a cover)
Author Name (optional / If requesting a cover)
Text (optional) -
Any extra or specific details (optional) -

Rules :

Don’t rush me it gives me anxiety-
Be respectful when requesting
I am allowed to deny your request

If you aren’t happy I will make it again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If it gets too overwhelming to where I can’t keep up I will stop taking requests for a short period <3

If you’re requesting a moodboard just tell me the characters name and aesthetic!!

My Examples



image image


Annelise's Examples



bump :cowboy_hat_face:

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hello i wandering if you could make me like a maginze overlay heres the deets if you can

password: :sob:


I am requesting a -edit
Character details -
hair- medium wavy brown
eye- round downturned wide, light brown
mouth- full round pouty
nose- defined natural
face- diamond
body- female athletic
skin- gold 03
eyebrow- arched natural, black
Background - a maginzene (or however you spell it)
Pose - standing with hand on hip waving
Outfit (optional) - any kind of dress that like a ball
Name (if requesting a character card) -
Text (optional) - stuff that goes on magineze,
Any extra or specific details (optional) -

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not overlay i meant edit

Making that rn <3

thank you so much

What do u think? <3

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Beauty thank you so much

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Are u still taking requests for pfp?

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yess send it thru

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I will send the details after few hours as currently busy but they are 4 Character cards.

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So what I want to request are not directly character cards but it is like- a character along with some text written beside them.

If u can do them so pls tell me so that I can send u all the details.

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sure send them through!!!

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Password: : :sob:

I am requesting a - Character card
Character details - Character-1 MARINETTE:-
BODY- Female athletic body(neutral01)
BROW-Arched natural scar (black dark)
HAIR-Long curls(light brown)
EYES-Deepset upturned wide (green emerald)
NOSE-Round bottom upturned
LIPS-Full heart pouty(red gloss)
TATTOO-Tribal sleeve

Character-2 ADRIEN
BODY-Male athletic body(copper02)
BROW- Straight medium(black jet)
HAIR-Undercut short straight texture(black jet)
EYES-Deepset downward(violet)
FACE-Male generic
NOSE-Grecian narrow
LIPS-Medium heart(fair neutral mattee)
TATTOO-Full body Tribal skull lace

Character-3 ALYA
BODY-Female athletic body(neutral01)
BROW-Arched natural(chesnut brown)
HAIR-Long Featured(peach blonde)
EYES-Sharp almond (blue)
FACE-Heart defined
NOSE-Grecian soft
LIPS-Full heart pouty(pink medium gloss)
TATTOO-Dragon sleeve tattoo solid

Charater-4 NINO
BODY-Male athletic body(neutral06)
BROW-Straight medium(black jet)
HAIR-Dreads long loose bun(black jet)
EYES-Deepset downward(brown black)
FACE-Chiseled square stubble shaved
NOSE-button round
LIPS-Full heart natural(brown neutral)
TATTOO-Snake and rose tattoo ink multicolor

Background - Something like black. I have added one either you can use it or u can use anyother

Pose - Arms Folded
like this:-

Outfit - Dressed like Kings and Queens

Name (if requesting a character card) - written above along with character no.

Text - For Character-1 (Marinette)
Crowned Princess of Heaven.
Powers- All powers ever existed (except shapelifting)
Hobbies- Fighting and sports
Personality- She can be sweet but she can be badass also.

For Character-2 (Adrien)
Second Born of Moon Wolf pack Kingdom
Powers- White werewolf
Hobbies- Playing Girls
Personality- He is a player

For Character -3 (Alya)
Crowned Princess of Elemental Kingdoms
Powers- Elemental powers and Healing powers
Hobbies- Singing and Fighting
Personality- She is a softie

For Character-4 (Nino)
Second Born of Prince Of Royal Wolf pack Kingdom
Powers- Black werewolf
Hobbies- Playing video games
Personality- Overprotective over Alya

These are the one I want to request. The characters just standing and all the texts written around them.

If you have a doubt pls ask it

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perfect I’ll get this done!!! thanks for requesting

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What do u think :disappointed_relieved::cupid:

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It’s good :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
But can each of them have separate card?

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ohhh I didnt understand it im so sorry I’ll do that rn! sorry :clown_face: :weary:

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No problem dear
take ur time

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Also tell me How to credit you?

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