Open Until 1/1/19- Character Entries for Dark Desires by ashleyabrucker


Because this is a treat for the readers of my story, I want characters From Readers of Dark Desire ONLY so DM me with the little thing I mentioned in my latest episode. A friendly reminder of what is required for your character.
*Character looks
*Character clothes
*Chosen roll(s)
*Zodiac sign required for personality to make it simpler for me

Haven’t read it and want to put a character in?

If you need a reminder of rolls available, ask while DMing me with the message above.

Rolls Taken:
MC’s Brother’s girlfriend - @Samanntha
(1)Friend of MC and Shelly- @Annika_H
MC ex’s worker- @Sparkling_Sapphire27
Shelly’s Cousin- @LadibugLove
(Surprise Roll :blush:)- @Demon_Buttercup
Foxx Stone’s Wife - @quinnzea (Instagram)

Note- all characters WILL be added to Episode 11!!!


I am sure a big fan of your work! I know I did a review on your story and you did one on mine! But from the time I read it I just love it and you are doing such a good job on it so congrats on that!! :clap:t3::heart: When I saw that you wanted to get characters I jump and quickly did this entire!!

Here is my character picture with her clothing:

Her name I would love it to be Avery.
The roll I really really want would be the MC brothers girlfriend!
And my zodiac sign is a Leo.

I really hope I can become apart of your story!! :grin:

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@Samanntha Absolutely! That roll can go to you no problem! You’re actually the first entry :smile: Thank you so much :blush: can you DM me your skin color, face shape. ect so I make your character perfectly?

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I’m hoping with all of my heart that I get more readers who want to add characters :blush:


Omg yes!! I really hope you do too!!


Hi! I immediately liked your story. And we both reviewed each others stories, that was how I met you. I love the characters and the plot. And it keeps getting better and better! I saw that you were doing a character contest and couldn’t wait to enter!
Here is a picture of my character:

I would like her name to be Riley.
The role that I would really love is one of the 3 other friends.
My zodiac is pisces.

I can’t wait to be a part of your story! :grinning:

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:slight_smile: I’m patiently waiting for more character entries. Two so far. I thank all of you who have read Dark Desires and have decided to put your character into it.


:slight_smile: Keep in mind, Character entries are open until 11/15. Some characters WILL be featured before then. Thank you :blush:


Really hope you get more people!!! :grin::pray:t3:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I do too


I’m still open for Character Entries! I have only four so far.


:smile: Episode 9 of Dark Desires was just posted! I hope you girls enjoy the episode!


I am so in love with my character!! You did such an amazing job!! So excited for the next episode :grin::clap:t3::clap:t3::heart:

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:blush: I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Your character is actually a perfect match for the brother, so it made my day :smile:

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Thank you!


Episode 10 is out :smile:

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