{OPEN} Writing Partner :)

I need a Co-Writer/Co-Author :slight_smile:

Date: 10/19/2020

these few last things are my opinions on how I view this topic

what is a co-writer and or co-author?
A co-writer/co-author is someone that works with another person to create a episode story or anything really. In my view of a co-writer/co-author I would write stories with them as a partner thing with a joint email or someway we could collaborate like Discord and Instagram (Of course they’re other alternatives) to write stories, come up with cast members and more.

is being a co-writer a hard job?
It can be a hard job, sense you must keep up with each other. Of course proof reading is an option too, but I think if you are Co-ing (that isn’t a word) anything you should be on the same page with ideas, etc.
(Of course there is a lot more too it but it was mainly to get the just of what role you would be filling in.)

(I also have an idea for a story so- if that helps then yeah, but we can always start fresh.)


  • Have at least some experience with writing on Episode
  • Have a good schedule at writing times to talk and come up with ideas (that can be arranged)
  • Creative mind
  • No age requirement- (I couldn’t come up with a good age limit, but I do also want to get things done so be mindful of that :slight_smile:)
  • Must have a solid communication process!

Be sure to have those requirements before going further
In the description/comments please answer these questions and I will be replying back to some of them.

Template (you don’t have to use this but just make sure you list these things below)
Communication Preference w/ username:

Also another thing, if you need a writing partner and see someone you are interested in working with- feel free to ask them :slight_smile: I want this to be a bit open to everyone and I do appreciate the help and responses.

If I do find the perfect candidate I will be closing thid forum space- so watch out for edits and I will let you know if you get accepted or not. I will also be going back into editing so also stay posted for that or add me on social media (Instagram) @epi.sqlty or @doggo.runaway

Thank you for your time
~Sqlty <3

Name: Hope
Age: 17
Timezone: EST
Communication preference w/username: Instagram username: monic_250

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Hi i need a coder