Opening a edit learning workshop? For anyone who wants to learn editing(Poll within)

Hi guys
I’m planning on having a edits learning workshop where I will teach skin shading, highlights,clothes, custom poses,custom hair and tuns of editing tricks, and tips
Although I’m not very sure if people would be interested

So I am asking you to tell me if I should have one

  • Yes do it! I would love to learn
  • Nah,we don’t need it

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Please do let me know if you wanna be taged when I make the thread!

Thanks :+1:!


Oh ty for taking my suggestion, and if you open it could you add me?

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It will be very nice you open it :))

I’m interested in joining!

Please tag me, I am interested in joining :blush:

please could you tag me when you make the thread? :heartpulse::heartpulse:

Can I be in it? Ty!!

Sure @Goldpigs @antisocialreject @mikc @Arielle_M @Rody_writes @Stephanie12


I would love to see this thread…Tag me whej u open it

Tag me when you open

Sure @PrincessAnu @Unknown_writer


sameeee!! tag me!

Sure you can tag me!

Sure @Anushkaa @preciouso


that sounds like a terrific idea! tag me when you open it :sparkles:

tag me when you open :sparkles:

sure @miru_1298 @epy.dey14

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Tag me when open!


Eee im interested in joining🖤