Opening a R4R thread (+Giveaway) 🎁

Hello everyone!

I decided to open a R4R thread for my contest entry. Well, I’ve been ghosted by many people, so here are the rules-

General Rules
  1. You will HAVE TO read 8 chapters of MY story.
  2. You will have to read 5 chapters of any 4 stories promoted below.
  3. Send me and the respective authors screenshots from each episode.
  4. Spending gems is not necessary- it’s up to you.
  5. No ghosting!
  6. Like the posts of the stories which you’ll read.
  7. If your story is being read by someone whose story you chose not to read, you will have to read 3 chapters from that author’s story.
Giveaway Rules and extra entries
  1. Read 8 chapters of my story and share the story.
  2. Tag 3 interested people (+2 entries)
  3. Spend gems in at least 1 episode (and of course send screenshot that you are spending gems). (3 entries)
  4. Promote my story in your social media account and PM me the screenshot. (+1 entry)
  5. Spend gems in 3 chapters. (5 entries)
  6. Spend gems in 5 chapters. (8 entries)
  7. Spend gems in 8 chapters. (10 entries)
  8. No cheating!
  • DEADLINE: 26th July, 2021 [IST]
Giveaway Prizes

1st Prize: A drawn (bust up) or edited PFP (full body).
2nd Prize: Edited (waist up) or drawn PFP (shoulder up).
3rd Prize: Edited PFP (full body).

  • Everyone who participates will be given a character card.
Story Details


Title: DL: Meant to be
Genre: Romance, Drama
Chapters: 9 and more to come

Examples of art

Tags: Sorry if you did not want to get tagged.
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Thank you so much!



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