Opening A Scene With Movement

Hi. I have a question that I need help with…Is there a way to have the characters already moving (using animations) when a scene first comes on? There seems to be a short pause before they start moving, I don’t know if it’s because I’m spot directing, but I don’t want my story to seem botched up. Help me please! Any tips would be much appreciated.

&CHAR spot x y z and CHAR is animation

CHAR (animation)

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Okay what do I do if I’m doing @CHARACTER spot x y z in zone 1 at layer 1?
Then sometimes I’ll do @CHAR blah blah blah AND faces right? It’s like they pause…and then they react to the command.

You could set everything in scene, maybe making the character do a loop animation and then after everything you write the code
@transition fade in in 2

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Or the time you want :blush:

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Hmmm. Is it:

@CHAR spot x y z in zone # and CHAR is animation and CHAR moves to layer # and CHAR faces left

Also make sure you click the Update Script button on the Web Previewer or Mobile Previewer.

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Thank you for your help guys I finally got it!

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