Opening an Art Shop

All pieces will be posted at 8 tonight, there were more pieces than I expected.

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I appreciate your kindness so much and will try my best to notify my patrons better.


Ofc no problem! I can’t wait! :heart:

I would like to request an limelight art scene if your not full already

Hey girl! I was wondering if I could request a cover in Limelight if you aren’t too busy. :blush:

Hey, can I request?

I don’t know how advanced your skills are but heres my idea:

Title: A little more than friends.
Author: Zara Powell

Character details:

Her=fac2f772f9cd456fdb224053fe5265fc 20%20pm 58%20pm

Him= 15%20pm 37%20pm 53%20pm



(If possible can you fade the background a little? Thanks)

I apologize for the lateness in the art shop, I have been planning on doing things more responsible and steadily, now that my issues are deal with and now I have actual deadlines. For the people I promised my request with late deadlines, I am giving you two additional edits with their requested pieces.


Your art is beautiful :two_hearts:
I was wondering if i could request an art scene with my two characters?

And if it’s possible I’d like for him to look like he was pulling her closer to him

*Celeste - Startled
*Tyler - Flirt

Thank you so much.

Are you taking requests right now? I’d like to request an art scene in Limelight style :blush::heart: