'opening' and 'closing' eyes, as if MC is just waking up

Is there a way i can make this happen in Limelight? I’ve used curtain but i’d really like the curtain to move from both the top and the bottom and meet in the center, as if MC is actually closing and opening her eyes.

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I guess you could fade in and out on a scene, and progressively make it faster as they wake up more eg.


@transition fade in 4
@transition fade out 4
@transition fade in 3
@transition fade out 3
@transition fade in 2
@transition fade out 2

but that’s more tedious and it may not look as good

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I’m gonna see if i like that better, thank you! :slight_smile:

I added it to the scene! I prefer this over the curtain, thank you! :smiley:

Thanks for responding @karissa! Closing thread :v:t2: