Opening and closing eyes transition! (Ink) help! 💖


:gift_heart:I have seen in many stories , people used so kind of transition effect in which the person seems a bit blur and then slowly he/she becomes clear with that open and close transition…
I am stuck at a part of a story where I want my character to do that.
Could anyone please help me?? It would mean a lot!:gift_heart:


Sounds like an overlay trick.

There’s no way to blur out a character but what a lot of authors due is take an overlay and put it over the character with a low opacity and then lower it more and more until the character becomes clear.
Here’s a guide made by the lovely @Dara.Amarie on how to do that:


Im sorry but can you please remove the link to your story its not a promoting thread.

anyway… I will check it out @daea.amarie


Yes , IK about that trick, but I want that opening and closing eyes effect.


It was an accident, she meant to put a link to my overlay guide thread.

To have an opening and closing effect, you will need to have 2 black overlays. One at the bottom and one at the top and have them shift up and down.


Yea my bad, it was an accident


Its ok :+1:


Thank u I will check out your guide :blush: