🍇 Opening Commissions! 🍇

So I’ve decided to start giving my art! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve been practicing for a while now, and I’m needing a way to make money, you know, college student things, adulting, all that fun stuff. :sunglasses:

It’s super cheap, so if you’re interested or know someone who’s interested, message me!

I do covers, art scenes, pfp’s, literally any sort of art you may need. It’s not limited to just episode :wink:

I do both digital and hard copy as well. There’s examples down below, as well more information. If you have any questions, message me! Thanks :smiley:



If you’d like to see examples of drawn art, you can message me about it!


Half Body: $5

Full Body: $7

2 Half Body: $8

2 Full Body: $10

Tattoos 50 cents

Animals: $3

Large/Center Props: $2

Hand Held Props are free :grin:

Title Specifics/ effects: 50 cents


It usually takes about 1-3 days to complete a full cover, depending on the complexity of it.


Your examples are beautiful! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Don’t need anything but I’m bookmarking this :nerd_face:

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tyy :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:

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