Opening Sarah's Art Shop

Hi! My name is Sarah and if you would like me to make covers or splashes (etc) for you i wouldn’t mind.


  1. Do not claim my work as your own or steal it
    (pisses me off)
  2. Credit me if I haven’t already - use my instagram - @sarah.laleye
  3. Do not blur out my credits if I have put it on the art (pisses me off)
  4. Send all compulsory things through message eg. character features, name of story, what they are like, outfit
  5. Send the characters in a green screen or a colour that the characters are not wearing or have the colour of on them

If you do not like the art I have made for you tell me and I will do my best to fix it or recreate it - however I am not a professional but I will work to the best of my abilities

As you know most people have school - so if I am not available due to schoolwork etc - I will try my best to do it for you but if not I am sorry but ask a bit later or I will contact you saying I am free.

If you like covers like these or okay with them just know this is how most covers i make will look like. But if you ask for something else I will try my very best to do it.


If you want me to add your story title in a specific area tell me or I will do it in the place I think looks best.

Or if you like splashes like this:

Thank you x Sarah

Could you make me a splash?

Yeah just send all info and I will get back to you in 20mins

I just need it to say: For more sneak peeks and updates follow me on Instagram at: @Isabelle.EpiStories

avatar info? or that it?

and what background?

I don’t want any charcters. Just a light blue background with flowers.

ok cool

Time’s not a problem, but how much time will it take?

about 10 probably

10 minutes, hours or days?

lol I would say hours or days if i didnt mean minutes :joy:

Is that okay?

It’s amazing!! Thank you so much! How should I credit you?

instagram pls - sarah.laleye

Could you resize it? It’s too small.

sorry x its supposed to be a background size right?


Omg can you make me one xx

She’s amazing!

Thanks Isabelle for the compliment :grinning:

That should be it cus i check it on episode