Openings Ideas For My Story (CHOOSE)

So Im writing my first story and Im trying my best to make it PERFECT but I have a problem which is the opening I have few ideas but dont know it they are good or bad so I need help so my ideas are:-

1-Future events
I mean like I would make my main character make certain poses or animations in certain places and I have it fading like you only have a second to see it

2-Silver necklace
In my story it h as a silver necklace which has an important role in my story so I want to talk about it and explain something about it and the details…

3-Kidnapping Scene
Since my story is about kidnapping and sadness I might do it as the character (which is supposed to get kidnapped) gets kidnapped by someone but of course I wont be showing the kidnapper Not quite sure about this idea

Just those are my ideas if you guys have more ideas comment it and let me know which IDEA you think is the best for my story’s OPENING.

I removed the poem idea since I am going to use it for the ending

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I like that idea of Future events about starting a story.
It makes a story a little intriguing to me.
As what made it come to a spot like this?
What happened to them that they are in a position like this?
The story “The Feeling” Started with Future events. Just a second and it got the readers attracted towards it.
Well for me it works. I don’t know about the others (as we are all different and have different opinions Upon everything)

Starting with a Poem um… I don’t know about it But yeah you could end the episode with a poem or tell a part of the poem at the end of every chapter (Idk though)

A story with a description of the necklace ahhh… some people will find it a little boring but some will find it a little fascinating that what is the real reason she is wearing that necklace for but for some people it could be like Dude we aren’t here for the description of that necklace we are here to read what is in your story and might remove it (But I’m not completely sure about it)

So, I think you should do the Future events one but another people opinions won’t hurt either

And for my idea I literally don’t know how to start a story
I hope this helps.

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Well thanks a lot it helped and I get your point
I will 100% end my story with poem you know to let the readers understand whats behind the story so I wont start with it ok so the first choice is out
About the necklace I actually didnt want to add it but my friends told me the idea so I said why not
Again Thanks sooooooo much for helping me :kissing_heart:

And glad that it helped you.

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I like the necklace idea. Especially if it’s important to the story. And it’s something you can come back to and refer to throughout the story

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Hey! I have a question, why was I invited to this topic?

Oh sorry if it annoys you I just wanted you opinion since I remember you wrote a story so I though you cn help me with this and Sorry again

It’s fine, here I will type an idea I have

I think that the MC has never taken off the necklace, for her whole life. But when she gets kidnapped, the kidnappers take off the necklace but she is a secret god and the second it is taken off she teleports back to where she originally was born, Heaven. And she has no clue where she is and she meets a husband and wife. And the husband looks at both of them and realize it’s there long lost daughter?? I don’t know, just an idea!

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Its an amazing idea but I already got the idea of my story but what I need is that I wrote 4ideas up and I want you to choose one of them to be the opening of my story :slight_smile:

Ah, I like the Silver Necklace.


Thanks a lot for your opinion and sorry again for the invite if it annoyed you :kissing_heart:

Oh no, it’s fine, dear! I was just a tad bit confused on why I was invited. But it’s all good!

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I actually like the necklace idea as well. If you have a robust(strong) storyline, and robustvnarration, then the readers will be more intruded, or interested in reading about the necklace. I don’t think talking about it would be boring especially if you go into full detail about the character, and why the necklace is an important part, or piece of the story therefore, go for it! The kidnapping scene is interesting, and will definitely engage the readers since it might contain some mystery as to why the character is being kidnapped that includes, certain experiences, and event that took place with the character which caused the kidnapping to take place. I really really, love the idea you have about the poem because as a writer, I also, write poetry, and will be including several poems, and quotes in my story. The readers love that I speak from experience. The more your story stands out, the better it will be. All of your ideas are really good. I actually included, an introduction to my story which is an actual cliffhanger, or scene which takes place in near future. So all of your ideas are good. You could include all of your ideas just like you told in an actual “introduction” so basically, you would be showing future events or certain plots which standout I n the storyline, which is a future scene but it will enage the audience to want to read the rest of the story. This will also, introduce your readers to the story so they will have a clear insight, on what to expect in story. If you include this idea, remember to go from the past, present, and future. Hope this information helped some.

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1 and 2 seem great, maybe you can combine the two. As for 3 kidnapping is played out, but I think you could do something with it if it isn’t a Stockholm sort of situation like the aftermath of a kidnapping or something of that nature.


I agree.

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Ok so I got this idea from what you all said
I will start by the necklace and while Im talking about it I will show them some FUTURE events where is the character is wearing it and when she is being kidnapped so I got all three ideas together

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I like the future events idea, I was thinking of starting my story like that but I didn’t. My start was just normal, but I think it would be cool. Like no talking and some future event that is really important to the story-- or a sad event that happens in the story or even a happy event! I don’t know, but I think that us users are interested as to what it’s about and when we see something interesting we want to keep reading to find out more. Something I suggest: Almost always end up on a cliffhanger! While it will annoy the reader(if they have no passes) it gives them something to look forward to and in my opinion they’ll want to read on.

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I’m currently in the process of writing a story but when I’m finished I need some ideas on my next one it’s going to be about being in a gang and other things

I personally like the Necklace idea, since u said it is significant to the story, this could be also intriguing.
Honestly starting with future events might be annoying to some ppl including myself as I feel like its kind of a spoiler if u know what I mean!

Good luck anyway and hope I’ve helped somehow :slight_smile:

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