Openion on stories without choices

Hi, I would like to know opinions on stories which do not have choices and do not allow you to custom the main character…

…I read many stories and I have no problem with one without choices and I now start to write my own story and want MC to look like I imagine her and also have no tendencies to make some choices…so I wonder

…if the story would be theoretically otherwise good (can’t promise :smile:) would you still enjoy reading without choices or would you see it as a big disadvantage of the story?

No. I writes a story too and it barerly have any choices in it. I would say that i am not a huge fan of stories with many choices in it.

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In my story, the choices are there… to be there. I mean, they have a purpose, but only because I wanted the character to spend time with the LI to gain points to decide, but… I’m not a huge fan.

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Personally I only really came to the app for the interactive side.

However, I love reading so It really doesn’t bother me if there isn’t much choices as long as Im invested in the plot.

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