Opinion and advice for cover?

Heyy! I’m in desperate need of advice for the cover I’ve made. *I’m still learning *
Here’s the description.

When a group of friends find a disturbing finding in their teachers office, they start to get suspicious as people start to go missing. Can you save yourself and your friends?


I think it’s pretty good, seems like something that has horror elements, so the cover could have maybe a few elements that make it creepier. Though, in my opinion, it looks good. The effects might ruin it. You can only know if you try.

Also, I have a question. In what country is the plot set? Because if the four girls are the main characters, then make sure to mention where they are from. They’re all of the same skin color just different undertones. Some people might come at you for not being inclusive and not having diverse characters. So make sure to mention in the story.


Looks awesome! I will totally read this when it comes out!

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As I was editing this cover I was trying to find some “horror” elements that I could’ve added but couldn’t find any! But I’ll definitely keep on looking.

This story is set in New Zealand. As for the characters they are based on real people, so I tried to make them with realistic features. They all have different ethnicities/backgrounds. As one is Asian another is German, And the two other characters are Māori. But there is another character and that’s the reader. They get full cc but as for the skin tones, I can’t really change that as I want them to look real. But I’ll definitely take in saying why there isn’t a lot of diversity in this specific story.


Thank you!!

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Stories with cool covers like this automatically make me CLICK! It’s like it’s so simple yet there’s so much happening at the same time. Love it!


I’m glad you like it!! :))

Heyo, here’s some of my opinions.

The space between the title and the characters is well- empty. Try adding a by: author name or some effects.

To make the cover pop out more, maybe try adding shadows, lighting, and filters?


Ok cool thanks! What effects would you recommend?

At the middle between the title and the characters, maybe you can add a quote related to the story to lure the readers more.

It’ll also be nice to have a slight filter on your cover (suitable for the theme of the story) :smile:


I think it’s looks like a really good story so far I also agree a few affects would make it that much cooler :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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