Opinion and thoughts (psychology?)

I’m working on a story and would like if possible some opinion on it from someone interested in psychology or in this major.
I would want to include some of these aspects in my story.
My story is a fantasy one during the Chinese dynasties.
Anybody interested in war theorie and battle is also welcome! As well as having interest in Chinese dragons.
My instagram: jagodart
It’s easier for me to follow and to reply.



I am!!! I will follow you @vasilie_arts is my ig name. Btw nothing related to this topic, but what does your name means if I may ask? :sweat_smile:

Not related to your topic but your story sounds cool :0 I haven’t seen any episode books that take place during that time frame! I’ll definitely check it out when it’s published


Wonderful science

Agreed, I would love to read this once published.

Yeah I agree