Opinion Blind, Deaf, Mute Characters

I just wanted to know your opinion on having blind or mute or deaf characters in my story. It won’t be the main Character but someone who is close to her. Please tell me your opinions! :pleading_face:


I think that’s a fine idea! In a lot of stories, I usually don’t see any blind, deaf, mute, etc. characters, so I think this would be interesting!


Ok thanks it because I want my story to be a little realistic and not make the characters same. You know what I mean!


Of course! Go for it! :grin:


It’s not a bad idea. As long as you know what you are doing when telling the story of these characters. This could also be good to see the MC and her bond between someone who may not be able to communicate as people who aren’t blind and mute. If you do it correctly I think people might appreciate it. Just don’t make them as the hopeless character who needs help all the time. Also I believe I came across someone on the forums who is deaf and I think they would be happy to see a character like that who represents them and that myself have never seen a story. Everyone has a story and it always nice to see ones we may not have heard of.


ok thanks!

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This is an amazing idea! I hate it when author make their character flawless, because we all have flaws, don’t we?

You should really try doing something like this, I would read it for sure!

But do your research before you start writing and stuff.

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