Opinion: Episode Support Tickets

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Alright. Anyone who knows me knows in general, I try not to rock the boat.
However, sometimes when the ocean is dead silent, you have to rock that boat to get anywhere.
So here we are.

In general, there are 7 type of responses when someone files a support ticket.

  1. Support ticket filed: Immediate response and resolution provided: Ticket closed.
    This leaves the person feeling valued and satisfied.
  1. Support ticket filed: Immediate response requiring further information: Information given: Episode works with the submitter to find a resolution: Resolution given: Ticket closed.
    This leaves the person feeling valued and satisfied.

  2. Support ticket filed: Response that it is a known bug/issue.
    This leaves the person feeling valued, yet unsatisfied since the issue is not resolved.

  3. Support ticket filed: Cookie cutter response given: Submitter replies that those suggestions have not worked. No response from Episode. Crickets.
    This leaves the person feeling devalued and frustrated.

  4. Support ticket filed: Response given that it is being escalated to another person: No further response: Crickets.
    This leaves the person feeling devalued and frustrated

  5. Support ticket filed: No response… At all…
    This leaves the person feeling devalued and frustrated

  6. Support ticket filed: No response: Eventually a response given that they were taking too long to address the ticket and it was being closed unless further action needed to be taken: Reply that there is still an ongoing issue: No response. Crickets
    This leaves the person feeling devalued and frustrated

Many times when we are devalued and frustrated, we will then go to the forum. Sometimes the support tickets are then addressed in which we then feel valued and satisfied. Other times, not so much.

Thoughts going through submitters head when their support tickets go unanswered or unresolved.

  1. Episode doesn’t have a solution and doesn’t want to admit there is a problem.
  2. Episode doesn’t care about the problem since it is isolated to very few individuals.
  3. Episode knows they have messed up and is just trying to sweep the issue under the rug.
  4. The issue is isolated to paid authors (or their readers) and therefore, as long as it remains unresolved, that is less money that Episode has to pay said authors which means a bigger profit for them.

Even if you don’t have an answer right away, letting the person know that their problem IS being addressed and giving status updates, if only every couple of days, goes a long way. When someone asks for an update on an issue… reply back! Let them know their problem IS being taken seriously.

This is an ongoing problem with Episode which are leaving many talented authors and their readers very frustrated and the feeling that Episode does not care as long as it doesn’t impact profits.
There was supposed to be an advisory board set up because Episode cared about what the community thought.
Show us that you care.
Do not ignore us!

@J.Miley is deepbreath


All my recent tickets have been #4, #6 or #7 recently (not one has been resolved) and then I get the “your feedback means a lot to us” email? lol
What’s strange is that some of my submitted tickets have completely vanished- when I log into pocketgems I can’t see them in my history, but I do have the confirmation email from when I submitted the request so I know it went through. Maybe there’s a glitch? (Which could explain #6.)

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Yeah, I just looked and even the ones that they have responded to initially are not appearing on my account,
I have confirmation emails, and there have been responses to some. But the last one that appears on my account is from almost a year ago.

I completely agree with you.

We all are able to understand high workload and a rise in tickets filed. But there has to be a way to deal with these things without giving off the impression that you are not valued as an author or reader. All my recent tickets have been ignored or not been properly addressed. I would rather wait a day longer for a response, instead of being repeatedly asked to provide information I have already provided, to try and save the team time. This way the only thing that happens, is more and more backlog because of repeatedly submitted tickets and more frustrated users.

It makes me wonder, which part we are playing in this community as creators. I have tried to ask so many times to be more open when it comes to communications with the community. Episode praises itself for being one of the games with the biggest/strongest community; and yet manages to handle exactly said community in a way that makes me feel anything but valued or appreciated.

Can we please find a solution for this? I hate going on public rants. But lately it seems, the louder you yell, the higher the chance to not be ignored. Which, quite frankly is a really bad example to give, in a community of young people.


I’ve only ever submitted two tickets: the first was number 1 and I was actually amazed that the team could help me so quickly… The second time was a 3 and I actually didn’t feel that valued. It was about the runtime error on the writers portal. It didn’t get fixed for weeks and everytime someone made a topic on the forums about it, it would get closed after being told to submit a ticket (even though I would always explain that I had already gotten a response that they knew it was an issue). I think it was more so the fact that every topic about it on the forums was getting closed that made me feel unvalued because it was like our concerns were getting dismissed and all support could say was that it was a “known issue”. It eventually got fixed for me, only to return a month later.

Also, what happened to that advisory board idea? Anyone know?

The panel? From Liz’s update post:

I am hoping to finalize the Community Advisory Panel before I go in terms of selecting the participants, but the group itself will fully launch when I return.


Ahh, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t sent in a support ticket in a long time… I feel discouraged to even send one because they have so many tickets going on right now… like by not sending one, that’s one less ticket for them to read?


I never get anything back so I just stoped.

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