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So for starters… I’ve not really read any stories yet. I have a very short attention span and reading isn’t something I can get into, even after trying to read a couple stories that were recommended to me. But I love to write… I love problem solving, and making my own things. So creating a story has been a lot of fun, though I don’t really know what people like or dislike.

I am writing a zombie story. Cliche? Maybe, but I’m hoping to make it a slow burn “telltale” kinda thing. QTE’s and two LI.

So anyways, you can choose between one of two LI (as of now) and I’ve written two completely different back stories for them, their story paths will be slightly different from one another, and depending which you choose, you get to know different characters and get into different situations. Example: If you choose Male LI, you get to know his best friend Eli’s story (and ending), but if you choose Female LI you get to know her ex Beth’s story (and ending) instead.

My question is, if I make the LI’s stories different from one another, will readers feel left out? They would have to play through the series again to get the alternate ending but that would mean choosing a LI you may not be attracted to or interested in. Does it matter? Or should i make them pretty close to the same?

TLDR: Should LI’s stories be different as I have written, or should I make them the same (mostly)?

No!!! Don’t make them the same!! I love your original idea, it means your story has replayability; if readers are really hooked on your story, they might start a new playthrough, which would mean more reads for you (I think). I know I’ve done the same, starting multiple playthroughs to see what could’ve been had I chosen different options.

Also, sorry if I don’t make much sense, I just woke up and I’m still a bit groggy :sweat_smile:

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Ahh that’s so good to know, thanks for your input!! I really want them to be unique but also want to be inclusive haha ill put a little heads up in episode 1

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