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Hey, so I’m writing a story but different plots and ideas run through my mind daily. Today, I decided to stick to one plot and continue with it. But this plot contains things such as miscarriage and A child getting kidnapped or murdered. I feel like it’s going to trigger many people or might affect moms who actually went through a miscarriage or ever lost their younger ones. I need your honest opinion on this. Is it a good idea to mention these things or will it affect many people?


If you think the plot is the best of all of them, you can add a warning at the start of the episode listing what will be going on.


Will keep that in mind :relaxed:

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With the child murder, you can’t show the entire murder happening, the body, or put too much blood in the crime scene, but you can mention it happened in dialogue.

If you write a scene of it happening, don’t show the actual act The actual stabbing or whatever method is being used, but hint to your readers something bad had happened in the moments leading up to it. I would still put a trigger warning tho regardless


No scene will be shown. Just narration. Tysm for your opinion :heart:


It will undoubtedly have an impact on some of your readers, so it’s best to add a warning in the beginning of your story, before the scenes happen (briefly touching on the matter e.g miscarriage, loss of a child so they have an idea of what the sensitive scene is about) and also a skip option if possible. :heart:


Thank you so much for your opinion. Will be sure to add an option to skip sensitive topics.

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