Opinion of how I should do my story? (POLL)

So my story is about:
Some children are born into loving families that take them home these children were born into families that gave them to scientists that experimented on them, giving them wings, after they escape the program they vow to never return but with the program got on their tracks they might never get an ordinary life.

I thought about it and I started thinking about having them just like in the air in a sky background would kinda look ridiculous! Should I just Keep them with wings or give them powers that they can demonstrate instead?

Please answer my Poll

  • Kids with Wings
  • Kids with Powers

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kids with powers sounds really basic ngl

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I’m thinking of them having wings and powers

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ik just as a title it sounds basic. are you sure no one else has used that as a title?

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What do you mean? This isn’t for a title it’s for the characters in my story

you gonna name ur characters Kids with Powers :skull: :skull:

No like, okay I’m asking about should my characters have wings or powers!

Why not do both? It will allow you to get a lot more creative.
I’m assuming that since they have wings, they can fly, which is a ‘power’ in itself.

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Yes that’s what I was thinking about doing

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