Opinion on a male main character/love interest



Hello, I’m writing a story and want to hear how you want the love interest to be. I saw that many people are complaining about bad boys in stories. They see too many of them, so they want the love interst to be more funny and a bit crazy, if you understand what I mean? What are your thoughts on that?


An ideal male for me is someone loving, kind, understanding and patient.


Yes, I know where you’re going. So you don’t like when they are mean?


And do you prefer bad boys?


Well i like bad boy’s lol in the story they add mistery to the story


But aren’t you tired of them?? :joy:


nah i’m good


Them being mean seems more immature and makes them come across as someone who has not grown up properly.


I don’t mind “Bad Boy” BUT, it would also be nice to have them caring and nice from the start. Or some none inappropriate comedy. You know?:grin::no_mouth:


it’s actually boring when evrybody is good and evrything is perfect! ( in my opinion )lol


Irl and in stories, I mean I have read stories with them in but it does get boring and I feel like it just comes across as the male being a boy not a man. You never hear of a bad man rather a bad boy :joy::joy::joy:


Tbh, I love a good Gentleman, maybe he can have abit of edge about him, I do love a good leather jacket and motorbike every now and then. But I also like when the guys are sweet and considerate and not afraid to show emotion. Supportive and honest too, and trustworthy. And a good sense of humour is never anything to be sniffed at. :thinking:


yeh lol
so wutt stories do you read?


Have any of you read “Living with the vampire brothers” by Bukii ??
If you have you probably know Carter is, I’m relating to that.


I read the first episode, and read no further. Not my thing :thinking:


Oh okey, I actually thought the same after the third episode. But I continued reading, and it just got better and better.


:joy::joy::joy: lmao I have read the classics I love 365 days to find love and Read My Lips as well as Feening.


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Maybe if I read more I would enjoy it? Idk, the MC just seemed pretty helpless, and I prefer to read about strong characters.


Believe me, she’ll get stronger with time