Opinion on art. (dont know how to make the hair)

So I have been struggling with this art for a couple of days. I just can’t get the hair right

(please dont look at the green background. its just to see if i missed some places and such. its not to be on the done work)

also it’s for a warning about me been dyslexia and English is my second language


What app do u use?

I use Krita

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thank you

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My goodness do you Americans spell tyre with an I.

  • For hair, shading is key, it helps define the layering of hair.

  • Hair shading is different to shading of clothes in your case your hair shading is similar to the clothes shading.

  • Each lock is meant to stand out in this case but only shading the edges gives the hair an empty look.

  • On hair there are lighter area and darker areas. Essentially you should have at least three different colors in the hair.

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and with the words. yeah I thoguht those where fun to put beside each other. because I have before been told a word was wrong even though it was right. just because I am learn in british english.

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Do you think this is better


that’s way better! there’s already sm improvement!

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