Opinion on art? Tips? Help? Improvement?

Okay so I have been doing digital art for about a month now (I made my first digital art piece on August 30th for more exact date) and I wanted to know if I improved, and wanted some honest feedback from other people so let me know what you think.
My art (from order they were created top is first ever bottom is most recent) V

I only posted completed pieces, but I also have a WIP I’ll post when I finish, I also have a few outline contest entries that I didn’t post because I didn’t make the outlines, so yeah. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. :blush:


I also only posted the art portion of these without the backgrounds and text and effects so that it would be easier to see the drawing.

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They’re lovely, although maybe you could work on the shading, add more highlights and contours to the face and more toning in the body. :two_hearts:

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Thank you! I’ll definitely try! :blush:


Hey love they look gooddd, but I see you are doing mostly flat colors try reference of real people for shading and highlights. Good luck


Thanks! Will try!

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Does anyone else have some feedback?

these are great!! I would recommend doing a bit more outlining with the hair and highlighting!

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the last one one is really good omg I can’t stop looking at it! would you mind if made something similar? I’d change the pose and everything:)

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Ok I think they all look good, but in my opinion the last one is fantastic

I think the shading and detail in your most recent example is much more advanced than the rest (not saying the others aren’t good - just that it looks like you tried something new that worked really well)

I think that you are heading in the right direction, but also don’t forget to shade the clothes! other than that, all I can think of is maybe working on reflections in the eyes and (if you want) eyelashes

:heart: hope that helped, it really does look great!!

Thank you! I’ll try!

Of course!

I tried a new style! It’s a drawing of my friends OC so the colors and outfit and look was picked out by her! V