Opinion on characters with unnatural hair colours?


In a lot of Episode stories, there seem to be characters who have dyed hair colours or hair colours that wouldn’t naturally come from a person of their ethnic background unless it is dyed. I was wondering what you guys thought about that. Do you think they have to have a reason to dye their hair? Does it need to be explained to be bearable? Is it something that would make you click away from a story?


It would absolutely not deter me away from a story. Whether there is a reason for it or not, I still think it’s a quirky addition to a character. It’s a nice, extra touch.

That’s just my opinion though. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you two for your responses. I’ve been reading a lot of this thread and it made me a little paranoid about this.


I think the dyed hair could show a part of the characters personality but that can make it stereotypically though, like black hair for emo kind of people. But I would never not read a story because of a character having dyed hair! And I don’t think an explanation is needed!


I would never stop reading a story just because a characters hair is dyed. I feel like it’s an interesting choice on the authors part. As for backstory, I don’t think you need to give a reason on why the characters hair is dyed. If you think about it, most of the people in real life don’t have a reason, other than that they think it represents their personality / looks cool / everyone else is doing it.

So, I don’t think you have a problem at all. It would give your character a cool personality trait, and somewhat differentiate that character from others.


Yeah, I love dyed hair. It can show a lot of personality and it’s your choice whether there is a proper reason or not. In one of my stories, my MC dyes her hair for a specific reason that is part of the plot, but in another story of mine it’s just a personality thing that a character constantly dyes her hair different colours. It doesn’t effect the story for me at all.


i don’t really have an issue with it, i love dyed hair in real life and in stories. it’s unique, it’s beautiful, and it can express someone if they want it to. i don’t like the stereotypes that come with it, such as gay men always having dyed hair, but non-stereotypical dyed hair is super cool!


I use to have it where colored hair was more common than ‘natural’ colors, but I started to change it to match more of ‘real’ life, as when I was still in highschool, one out of 20 or so had dyed hair. Even then, it was died to a more natural color.

I wouldn’t stop reading a story if there was colored hair, but I might get a bit irritated if every. single. background. character. has dyed hair. (then all the main peeps don’t.) I haven’t come across that yet though.

Also, old people. Like senors, they don’t have lime - green hair xD


I don’t even understand why something as trivial as dyed hair would be an annoyance for anybody except for the fact that people here are constantly annoyed over every little thing authors do, which is in itself annoying. If I see a character going into a soliloquy over why they dyed their hair, I’m clicking out of the story. It’s not that deep. It’s dye. :laughing:


Dyed hair has never bothered me. Not in real life and not in stories. I myself used to have a pretty crazy combination of colours and I must say it’s fun to experiment. :smile:


I’m not bothered by dyed hair. Some of the hair on episode that is dyed is very cute.
The blue that was used in the secret of rain was gorgeous.



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