Opinion on Cliffhangers

What is your opinion on Cliffhangers? Yay or nay? I have a story that I’ve been told has really good cliffhangers, but someone also recently told me they think cliffhangers make the readers lose interest.
So what is your take on cliffhangers? Keep an or lose em?


The point of a cliffhanger is to keep interest, not lose it. I think most are good.


When I write I always look for a cliffhanger. Whenever I watch tv and there is a big cliff hanger in my show I go crazy waiting for the next episode. They keep me coming back!

Plus I love to see my followers freak out at my endings lolol


Mmm thats very true valid point. It depend on the type of story.

I like unexpected cliffhangers that make you want to read the next chapter to see what’s going to happen or how the characters are going to react. Not just random cliffhangers that don’t affect the plot in any way, but the ones that actually enrich the story.


just please don’t end every episode with a cliffhanger, give the readers a break sometimes.

Hmm really depends on the pay off to be honest.

Look, if the story is good, and leaves people wanting to see more, the cliffhanger just makes them wanna come back to it and wait with excitement for the next episode.

And if the story is lousy, bad, not interesting, but at the end of every episode has a cliffhanger, people just won;t want to see more, it will just ruin it for them instead of making them want to see more.

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Cliffhangers are good.

A cliffhanger every other episode is good, to keep the readers interested.

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Clifthangers make readers want to read next chapter. It depends whether its good. Like Billionaire Baby Daddy that story, it is said to have AMAZING clifthangers and awesome storyline. So, its a Yay!

Cliffhangers are cool, but bad for my health. I really like them in a story that is updated regularly, but when my favourite show’s season finale ends with a huge cliffhanger, I just don’t know what to do with my life for like 3 months :smiley:


I love cliffhangers! They keep you on the edge and makes you want and read more!

I like cliff hangers, except when they are fake. An example in a guide I am help writing is when people are like ‘Oh my god there’s someone at my door -’ /// end episode then in the next episode you learn that it was just your bf returning home early…

like if a story does to many ‘fake’ cliff hangers I will stop reading

Cliffhangers are amazing! Especially that moment of panic when all your passes run out and the episode abruptly ends. It makes me wanna come back for more.

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