Opinion on Custom Art!? ~ Lana Augustine



I don’t know If can make them the same the app is pretty hard to use.


haha, lana ik you used a website for that but yh looks nice


Yeah its that Live character maker thingy. I just found out about like an hour ago SOOO OBSESSED!


lol sameeeeeeeeeeeee i love it ive been using it for monthssssss


I cant believe something like that exist. It was exactly what I was looking for but I could never find it until I got my Samsung S9. But I wish we could add our own colors etc.


lol yh


I just made one of me


Ok Ok Check out my guy vs his LL counterpart. How similar do they look.




Your girl is really pretty too. I swear this app is like the best ever.




I wounder if Episodes will let me upload these onto my backgrounds.


I’m unsure if you could use these, the app is copyrighted, and Episode can get fined if these are used in stories, so maybe it would be rejected.


UGGHH Danmitt! I wanted to show everyone how beautiful he is! :crying_cat_face:


You could try sending them in for approval, but they would probably get rejected.


I guess Ill try the only thing they can do is reject it.