Opinion on Episode plot?

Hey guys, I’m working on an Episode story currently, and I have a plot in mind that I like, but I just want to hear your opinions because they mean a lot to me.

Without giving too much away, basically it revolves around a woman who has a goal in mind, and despite her traumatizing past, she still tries to make the most out of her situation. However, she has a habit of bottling her emotions up and closing off from people, making her feel lonely and sad. She eventually meets a guy who has the same goal as her, just for a different reason, and basically he’s also in a situation where he needs a close friend. Eventually the two open up to each other about their situations and trauma, and because of how good they feel around each other, it develops into a romance.

My goal is to be able to portray romance in a realistic way but also have a feel-good story as well. Thoughts?


Love the plot, and I’d like the idea of including the romance and a good story to it. Like have it balanced.

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Thank you, I appreciate your feedback! :smile:

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I think the realistic romance is what would make it stand out the most to me. Interesting idea!


I like the idea a lot!

Keeping the romance realistic while also keeping in mind the emotional scars and traumas the characters are already carrying is honestly going to be super refreshing and intriguing plotline, especially for episode! I think you should definitely go though with it, I’d love to read it!

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Thank you, I appreciate your opinion! :grinning:

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I love to hear that, thank you! I hope I won’t disappoint. :sweat_smile:

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As long as you try your best :slight_smile:

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